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company news about Working Principle Of Ultrasonic Wire Harness Welding Equipment

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Company News
Working Principle Of Ultrasonic Wire Harness Welding Equipment
Latest company news about Working Principle Of Ultrasonic Wire Harness Welding Equipment

Ultrasonic harness welding is a relatively mature technology. With the development of ultrasonic technology, it is used in various fields. Among them, ultrasonic welding is also commonly used in industry. Ultrasonic metal welding uses high-frequency vibration waves to be transmitted to the surfaces of two objects to be welded. Under pressure, the surfaces of the two objects are rubbed against each other to form a fusion between molecular layers without destroying the product molecules. The important thing is Ultrasonic metal welding temperature is relatively low, only equivalent to 1/3 or 1/2 of the melting point of the metal, which makes the conduction safer and the strength is close to the strength of the product itself. According to the nature of the material, thickness and some other parameters, the welding time has a numerical difference. The actual welding time is about 0.3 seconds, but the entire stroke of the entire pressing and welding head return is 1-4 seconds. The ultrasonic welding of the automated production line needs to be matched with the automated production line, and the data is interactively saved and traced.


Advantages of ultrasonic wire harness welding:

1. Fast and efficient

2. The welding degree is almost close to the strength of the product itself, the surface is smooth and beautiful, the resistance is small, and the conduction is smoother. (The finished product is easy to produce, no spatter, bright solder joints, no copper exposed in the plating, and no cracks on the terminals.)

3. Low power consumption, no pollution, green and environmental protection.

4. No need for third-party additives, simple operation.


Working principle of ultrasonic wire harness welding equipment:


1. The ultrasonic generator provides electrical power to the ultrasonic components. Due to the large changes in the resonance frequency and impedance of the ultrasonic component during the welding process of the ultrasonic wire harness, the ultrasonic generator must have the ability to automatically track the frequency and the output power to be automatically adjusted by the load. Shanghai Jiaocheng Ultrasonic Metal Spot Welder adopts a fully digital ultrasonic system, automatic frequency tracking; constant amplitude control.


2. Ultrasonic harness welding equipment is composed of three parts: transducer, amplitude modulator and welding head. The transducer adopts piezoelectric vibrator, whose function is to convert electrical energy into mechanical vibration. The amplitude modulator is analogous to the transformer in the circuit, which plays the role of mechanical damping conversion and amplitude amplification. The welding head is designed according to the wire harness welding requirements and the shape of the weldment. It also plays a role of secondary impedance transformation and amplitude amplification. In terms of structure and shape, it looks like an ordinary welding head, but it needs excellent design, good materials and excellent processing expertise. It is very difficult to design welding heads with complex welding head shapes and large sizes. Shanghai Jiaocheng has been specialized in ultrasonic welding research and development and production for 13 years, and customized mass production is more professional. Design exclusive welding head tooth profile and tooling fixtures according to various application requirements.


3. The pneumatic system is powered by compressed air, through the solenoid valve switching circuit, pushing the cylinder piston to drive the welding head to move up and down. The pressure regulating valve is used to control the air pressure, and the one-way throttle valve is used to control the lifting speed.


4. The control circuit executes program control for the ultrasonic wire harness welding process. The function keys on the panel can set welding time, delay time and other parameters according to different welding objects, and the welding machine will automatically complete a welding process according to the system.


Application range of ultrasonic wire harness welding equipment:


Ultrasonic wiring harness welding equipment is mainly used in: welding between single strands, copper and aluminum wires, metal terminals, automotive wiring harness welding, electrical wiring harness welding, motor wiring harness welding, automotive wiring harness, relay, automotive copper wiring harness, automotive wiring harness terminal, motorcycle Wire harness, electric vehicle wire harness, stranded wire and flat wire, electrical connector wiring harness, electrical wiring terminal, etc.


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