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company news about Why Use Ultrasonic Process for Aluminum Sheet Welding

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Company News
Why Use Ultrasonic Process for Aluminum Sheet Welding
Latest company news about Why Use Ultrasonic Process for Aluminum Sheet Welding

Why Use Ultrasonic Process for Aluminum Sheet Welding


Aluminum sheets are usually made of aluminum alloys because of their electrical conductivity, low resistance, corrosion resistance, easy soldering and conduction. Radio frequency, so it is often used in automotive and electrical components and industrial products with precision conductivity requirements. Because of the low melting point of aluminum in the welding process, ultrasonic metal welding equipment is conventionally used to weld aluminum sheets. The welding thickness of the aluminum sheet requires a large thermal conductivity, so that the heat generated during drilling can be quickly taken away and the temperature of the drill tip can be reduced. 0.15-0.2mm thick aluminum sheet or 0.15-0.35mm aluminum alloy composite aluminum sheet should be used as much as possible.

When welding, it is necessary to determine the size of the welding area of ​​the aluminum sheet, and whether the tensile test requirements after welding can be met, and the electrical conductivity strength will affect the selection of the welding process.


Ultrasonic metal welding of aluminum sheets uses high-frequency vibration waves to transmit to two metal surfaces to be welded. Under pressure, the two metal surfaces rub against each other to form fusion between molecular layers. The advantages are fast and energy saving. , High fusion strength, good electrical conductivity, no spark, close to cold processing.


Performance advantages:


1. The welding effect of the aluminum sheet welding machine is superior, the welding is firm, and there is no false welding, no vibration powder, no burning of the diaphragm, no hot insulating glue, and no vibration cracking of the pole lugs.


2. The two metal parts of the aluminum sheet welding machine penetrate each other, and after welding, they are damaged and torn, and the metal parts on one side and the metal parts on the other side penetrate each other, and the residual welding surface of the pole piece on the pole ear is more than 80%.


3. After the welding of the aluminum sheet welding machine, the surface of the pole ear and the pole piece is flat, without wrinkles, and there is no raised burr on the back. The solder joint is full and clear, firm and reliable, and the solder joint position is not broken.


4. The aluminum sheet welding machine has good conductivity after welding, and the resistivity is extremely low or nearly zero.


5. The welding time of the aluminum sheet welding machine is short, and no flux, gas or solder is required.

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