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company news about What materials can be welded by an ultrasonic welding machine

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Company News
What materials can be welded by an ultrasonic welding machine
Latest company news about What materials can be welded by an ultrasonic welding machine

What materials can be welded by an ultrasonic welding machine


When the ultrasonic welder welds shell plastic products, it does not add all adhesives, materials or organic solvents, high-frequency induction welding equipment and does not consume a lot of heat. This equipment has the advantages of easy actual operation, faster welding speed, high welding compressive strength and high productivity. The material of the product immediately jeopardizes the actual welding effect of the product. First select the material, and then select the injection molding process, which is convenient for smooth production and manufacturing in the subsequent production process. What materials can ultrasonic welders weld? Ultrasonic welders can weld a variety of materials. It is recommended to choose three materials: ABS, PS and SNA. These three materials are considered to be very suitable materials for ultrasonic welding. SNA: The actual effect of ultrasonic welding is very good.


Acrylonitrile-butadiene-butadiene prepolymer is generally called ABS: lighter weight, anti-smooth, good stiffness and acid resistance, and it is widely used. The material has good heat transfer properties and is especially suitable for ultrasonic welding. ABS has the advantages of strong impact resistance, high temperature resistance, improved flame retardancy, and good light transmission. ABS is widely used in industrial production industries such as machinery and equipment, vehicles, electronic devices, instruments and equipment, textiles, engineering and construction, etc. It is a universal thermosetting rubber product. Polyethylene is commonly known as PS: It has a large specific gravity, strong corrosion resistance, good reliability, good water and organic chemical insulation properties, and is especially suitable for injection molding and extrusion molding. Because of its high elastic coefficient, it is suitable for ultrasonic welding.


PS is generally used: toy decorations, sink dishwashers, trays, camera lenses, floating balls, etc. Polyester abbreviation: PA polymer crystal:


The abbreviation of POM polyvinyl acetate: PMM acrylic-pyrene prepolymer. Regulating effect: A/S. PPS: Because the material is too soft, it is difficult to weld. Polycarbonate-Abal: PC; high melting point, long welding time.


High-pressure polyethylene Abbar: Materials such as PE are relatively soft, so they are not easy to weld. When the relative density is high, the welding difficulty coefficient becomes smaller.


Polyethylene. Abbreviation: PVC. Therefore, the material is relatively soft, and it is not easy to weld with assembly, cutting, and inspection tooling. Therefore, very few people use this material, and products of this type of material are generally welded with high frequency.


Polypropylene: light weight, good insulation performance, high compressive strength, good temperature resistance, complete chemicals, textile forged rope. High-frequency induction welding equipment products include toys, suitcases, speakers, sound boxes, electrical equipment insulation, food packaging materials, etc., because the elastic coefficient is low, the material is very easy to attenuate the coefficient of sound and vibration, and it is not easy to weld.

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