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company news about What is the principle of ultrasonic generator?

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Company News
What is the principle of ultrasonic generator?
Latest company news about What is the principle of ultrasonic generator?

What is the principle of ultrasonic generator?


Our society is developing rapidly, and science and technology are constantly advancing. There are many kinds of things that have been developed by people and serve mankind in various fields. A long time ago, scientists discovered ultrasound by observing the phenomenon that bats can accurately prey without eyes. The so-called ultrasound is a sound wave higher than 20000 Hz, which is widely used by scientists in various fields. Next, I will take you to understand the principle of ultrasonic generator.


1. What is an ultrasonic generator?

Ultrasonic generator is a device that converts the mains electricity into the corresponding high-frequency alternating current of the transducer to drive the transducer to work. It is an important part of the high-power ultrasonic system. It can also be called an electronic box, Ultrasonic drive power, ultrasonic controller. Although the ultrasonic generator can also be called an ultrasonic drive power source, in fact, the ultrasonic generator is only a part of the ultrasonic drive power source. Ultrasonic power supply can be divided into self-excited type and other-excited type according to the different excitation methods, and ultrasonic generator refers to the other-excited ultrasonic power supply, because the output power of the other-excited oscillation circuit is more than 10% higher than that of the self-excited type. Therefore, most of the ultrasonic generators are currently used as the driving power source.


2. Principle of Ultrasonic Generator

First, a signal generator generates a signal with a specific frequency. This signal can be a sinusoidal signal or a pulse signal. The frequency of this signal is reached to a certain value by the ultrasonic generator. This specific frequency is the frequency of the transducer. Generally, the ultrasonic frequencies used in ultrasonic equipment are 20KHz, 28KHz, 40KHz, 60KHz.

Power amplifiers can come in many forms, such as vacuum tube Class A amplifiers. Class A and B amplifier. Transistor Class A or Class B amplifiers (all belong to analog): Transistor switching amplifiers, etc., the power generally ranges from 50W to 3000W.

The frequency signal generated by the signal generator needs to undergo impedance matching after passing through the power amplifier, so that the output impedance is consistent with the transducer, and the transducer is pushed to convert the electrical signal into mechanical vibration.

A more complete ultrasonic generator should also have a feedback link, which mainly provides feedback signals in two aspects: the first is to provide an output power signal. We know that when the generator's power supply (voltage) changes. The output power of the generator will also change. At this time, it is reflected in the transducer that the mechanical vibration fluctuates from large to small, which causes the cleaning effect to be unstable. Therefore, it is necessary to stabilize the output power, and adjust the power amplifier accordingly through the power feedback signal to make the power amplification stable.

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