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company news about What is an ultrasonic welding machine

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Company News
What is an ultrasonic welding machine
Latest company news about What is an ultrasonic welding machine

What is an ultrasonic welding machine

Ultrasonic welding machines can be divided into automatic welding machines, semi-automatic ultrasonic welding machines, and manual welding machines according to the level of automation. For modern enterprises, the higher the level of automation, the more conducive to the production of enterprise assembly lines, so the use of automatic welding machines is a future for enterprises. trend.


Principle of Welding
The principle of ultrasonic plastic welding is that a generator generates a high voltage and high frequency signal of 20KHz (or 15KHz), and the signal is converted into high frequency mechanical vibration through the energy conversion system, which is applied to the plastic product workpiece.
The surface of the workpiece and the friction between the molecules increase the temperature transmitted to the interface. When the temperature reaches the melting point of the workpiece itself, the interface of the workpiece melts quickly, and then fills the gap between the interfaces.
When the vibration stops, the workpiece is cooled and shaped under a certain pressure at the same time,
A perfect welding is achieved.
The new 15KHz ultrasonic plastic welding machine, for welding softer PE and PP materials, as well as plastic weldments with extra large diameter and long length, has a unique effect and can meet the needs of various products.
Can contribute to user production efficiency and product quality.


Welding method
The welding head vibrating with ultrasonic ultra-high frequency under moderate pressure makes the joint surfaces of the two plastics generate frictional heat and melt and join instantly. The welding strength is comparable to that of the main body. Suitable workpieces and reasonable interface design can be used to achieve watertightness. And airtight, and avoid the inconvenience caused by the use of auxiliary products, to achieve efficient and clean welding.


The ultrasonic super-high frequency vibration welding head is pressed against the protruding tip of the plastic product to instantly heat and melt into a rivet shape, so that materials of different materials are mechanically riveted together.


With the help of the welding head and appropriate pressure, metal parts (such as nuts, screws, etc.) are instantly squeezed into the reserved plastic holes, and fixed to a certain depth. After completion, the tension and torque can be comparable to those formed in traditional molds. Strength, can avoid the shortcomings of injection mold damage and slow injection.


This method is similar to the riveting method. The concave welding head is pressed against the outer ring of the plastic product. After the welding head undergoes ultrasonic and ultra-high frequency vibration, the plastic is melted into shape and covered with the metal object to fix it, and the appearance is smooth and beautiful. This method is mostly used in the fixing of electronics, speakers, and lens fixing in cosmetics.


spot welding
A. There is no need to design the welding wire in advance to achieve the purpose of welding.
B. For relatively large workpieces, it is not easy to design the welding line to perform split-point welding to achieve the welding effect, which can be spot-welded at multiple points at the same time.


Cutting and sealing
Using the working principle of ultrasonic instantaneous vibration to cut chemical fiber fabrics, its advantages are smooth and clean without cracking or drawing. High-frequency and ultrasonic are two different concepts. High-frequency refers to electromagnetic waves with a frequency greater than 100Khz, and ultrasonic refers to sound waves with a frequency greater than 20 kHz. The welding principle and welding principle of high-frequency waves are also different from ultrasonic waves. High-frequency waves use high-frequency electromagnetic fields to make the internal molecules of materials violently collide with each other to generate high temperatures to achieve the purpose of welding and welding. Ultrasound uses the principle of frictional heat generation to generate a lot of heat. To achieve the purpose of welding and welding.

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