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company news about What are the applications of ultrasonic metal welding

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Company News
What are the applications of ultrasonic metal welding
Latest company news about What are the applications of ultrasonic metal welding

Application field of ultrasonic metal welding


Ultrasonic welding is the frictional heat generated by ultrasonic vibration, which uses the frictional heat generated by the contact surfaces of two workpieces to be welded to melt the workpiece. Thermal energy comes from a certain pressure, a workpiece reciprocating movement on the other surface with a certain displacement or amplitude. Once the desired degree of heat sealing is achieved, the vibration is stopped and a certain amount of pressure is applied to the two workpieces, so that the just-heated portion is cooled and solidified to form a tight bond.


Ultrasonic welding has many branches


First, the automobile wiring harness is the nerve hub of the automotive electronic and electrical system. The design and manufacturing process directly affects the normal operation of the entire automotive electrical system. The development of electronics and information technology has placed increasing demands on the design and manufacturing process of automotive wiring harnesses, especially the quality of signal transmitted by automotive wiring harnesses. Therefore, the use of such as shielded wires, twisted pairs, gold-plated terminals and the like in the production of automobile wire harnesses far cannot meet these requirements. In fact, the ultrasonic welding crimping process is also a major measure to improve the quality of the vehicle wiring harness transmission signal and transmission current.


Ultrasonic wire harness welding


Second, electric vehicles are increasingly popular with consumers because of their green environmental protection and the maturity of battery technology. Among them, lithium-ion battery technology is one of the key technologies of electric vehicles.


In the lithium battery technology, there are three types of metal welding methods: copper/aluminum foil to foil to tab, tab to tab, and tab to bus. Among them, the copper/aluminum foil is welded to the pole piece, which is the most difficult. Because the ends of the metal weld are made of metal of different thicknesses and materials, one end of the tab is relatively thick (for example, 0.2 mm), and the other end is composed of a plurality of extremely thin metal sheets.


Multi-layer nickel sheet copper sheet ultrasonic welding


Among them, the welding of the pole foil to the pole piece is to connect all the anode and cathode foils inside the battery to the corresponding pole piece, thereby transferring the internal energy of the battery to the outside. Hundreds of lithium battery cells form a typical lithium battery pack. The battery cells are combined in series or in parallel. If one pole foil and the pole piece are faulty, the output of the entire battery pack will be faulty. Therefore, a robust and strong connection between the pole foil and the pole piece is essential.


Third, ultrasonic metal welding, compared to plastic welding, ultrasonic metal welding technical requirements are much higher, and the welding of the workpiece can only be small, how to make two large metal workpieces perfect fusion is still the current ultrasonic metal welding The problem that is constantly overcome in the field. Ultrasonic metal welding is currently widely used in automotive wiring harnesses, wire harness terminal connections, and power batteries. The welded product has the advantages of the lowest resistivity, the best conductivity and the high welding strength, and it does not generate sparking smoke, no high-brightness, no flux and protective gas during the welding process, and is safe and environmentally friendly.



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