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company news about What are the applications of ultrasonic in life

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Company News
What are the applications of ultrasonic in life
Latest company news about What are the applications of ultrasonic in life

What are the applications of ultrasonic in life


When an object vibrates, it makes a sound. Scientists call the number of vibrations per second the frequency of the sound, and the unit is Hz. The frequency of sound waves that our human ears can hear is 20Hz~20kHz. When the vibration frequency of the sound wave is greater than 20kHz or less than 20Hz, we cannot hear it. Therefore, we call the sound wave with a frequency higher than 20kHz as ultrasound. The frequency of ultrasound usually used for medical diagnosis is 1 to 5 MHz.


Ultrasound has the characteristics of good directionality, strong penetrating ability, easy access to concentrated sound energy, and long transmission distance in water. It can be used for distance measurement, speed measurement, cleaning, welding, stone crushing, etc., in medicine, military, industry, and agriculture. There are many applications on it.


Theoretical research shows that under the same amplitude conditions, the energy of an object's vibration is proportional to the vibration frequency. When ultrasonic waves propagate in the medium, the medium particle vibrations have a high frequency, so the energy is very large. In the dry winter in northern my country, if ultrasonic waves are passed into the water tank, the violent vibration will break the water in the tank into many small droplets, and then use a small fan to blow the droplets into the room, which can increase the indoor air humidity. It is the principle of an ultrasonic humidifier. For diseases such as pharyngitis and tracheitis, it is difficult for the medicine to reach the affected part. Using the principle of a humidifier to atomize the medicinal solution and let the patient inhale it, the curative effect can be improved. Utilizing the huge energy of ultrasound can also make the stones in the human body undergo violent forced vibration and break, thereby alleviating the pain and achieving the purpose of healing.


Now, with the continuous development of society, ultrasound has played a pivotal role in plastic welding, and has been used in various industries and has been highly recognized.


Ultrasonic plastic welding machine has the following advantages compared with traditional technology:

1. Fast-most ultrasonic welding can be completed within 0.1-0.5 seconds

2. Stable quality-mechanized production, stable and reliable product quality

3. Economical and practical-avoid the use of a large number of fixtures and glues, reduce labor and reduce costs

4. Beautiful and clean-the surface is well formed without damage or deformation. No scratches and glue residue

5. The process is simple-no preheating, no cleaning and other back and forth processes

6. Convenient operation-as long as the welding parameters are set, the operation is very convenient

7. High strength and good airtightness-the welding seam has the same composition as the base material, high strength, good airtightness, no water leakage and airtightness

8. Automatic welding can be realized-15K ultrasonic plastic welding machine is very easy to realize automation

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