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company news about Ultrasonic Sound Absorbing Cotton Felt Ultrasonic Welding

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Company News
Ultrasonic Sound Absorbing Cotton Felt Ultrasonic Welding
Latest company news about Ultrasonic Sound Absorbing Cotton Felt Ultrasonic Welding

Automotive sound insulation cotton, sound-absorbing cotton felt ultrasonic welding process is still widely used in the automotive industry, there are car trunk spare tire cover sound-insulating cotton, car center console noise-proof cotton, car engine cover noise-proof cotton, car trunk insulation cotton, Car wheel cover soundproof cotton, etc. Replace the original adhesive rubber insulation process with ultrasonic technology. The ultrasonic sound insulation cotton welding machine includes hand-held ultrasonic welding machine manual spot welding, multi-head ultrasonic welding machine and robot ultrasonic welding machine.


Automobile sound insulation cotton welding is similar to automobile sound-absorbing cotton, automobile sound insulation felt, automobile vibration isolation pad, automobile sound insulation block silencer block, automobile non-woven insulation pad, automobile sound insulation board, automobile carpet, automobile cotton felt and other ultrasonic welding.


Three ways of ultrasonic welding of automobile sound insulation cotton

1. Handheld ultrasonic sound insulation cotton welding

Welding soundproof cotton with a hand-held ultrasonic welding machine is widely used, low cost and simple operation.


There are two types of gun type and pen tape ultrasonic welding machines, which have 28K, 40K frequency equipment.


Generally, the ultrasonic mould is made of aviation aluminum, and the surface of the mould can be hard oxidized to make it more wear-resistant. You can watch the video ultrasonic welding machine of automobile soundproof cotton.


Car soundproof cotton ultrasonic mold more than one shape, these ultrasonic welding head is treated by hard oxidation.

2. Multi-head ultrasonic sound-proof cotton welding

When the output of the soundproof cotton is not satisfactory for the hand-held ultrasonic welding machine, it can be selected by welding with a multi-head ultrasonic welding machine, the welding efficiency and quality can be improved, and the relative cost is relatively high.


The multi-head ultrasonic welding machine can use domestic or imported systems. The more the corresponding generators, the shorter the welding time. The welding heads with relatively close distance can be welded with ultrasonic mother-child welding. The defect of the multi-head ultrasonic welding machine is that it cannot match other sound-insulating cotton welding products.

3D robot sound insulation cotton ultrasonic welding:


Robotic sound insulation cotton welding requires only one robot, one set of bottom mold tooling, and one set of ultrasonic components. The advantage of robot sound insulation cotton welding is that it can match multiple sound insulation cotton products. It only needs to change the bottom mold tooling and robot program to improve the efficiency of the welder. The robot can be added. The disadvantage is that the one-time cost is relatively high.

Automotive sound insulation cotton ultrasonic welding sample


Automobile trunk spare tire cover sound insulation cotton ultrasonic welding


Automobile center console sound insulation cotton ultrasonic welding


Automobile engine cover, soundproof cotton, ultrasonic welding



Car luggage insulation cotton ultrasonic welding


Automobile wheel cover sound insulation cotton ultrasonic welding


Summary: Car sound-insulating cotton, sound-absorbing cotton is widely used in the whole car. Now it is basically welded by ultrasonic technology. At the beginning, it is first hand-held ultrasonic welding, and the output meeting selects ultrasonic multi-head welding machine or robot ultrasonic welding machine. The specific process will also be selected according to the actual situation of the customer.

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