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Company News
Ultrasonic Sewage Treatment
Latest company news about Ultrasonic Sewage Treatment

Ultrasonic Sewage Treatment


The per capita water resources in China are small and the spatial distribution is unbalanced. With the acceleration of urbanization and industrialization in China, the demand gap for water resources is also increasing. After the sewage is treated, it can be recycled to reduce the consumption of water resources for the production of our country. Water treatment technology uses relevant technical means to purify sewage so that it can continue to be used, so sewage treatment is extremely important. Ultrasound plays a particularly important role in the treatment of sewage/wastewater.


What is ultrasonic sewage treatment?


Use the cavitation effect of ultrasonic to degrade harmful organic matter in water, so as to realize the purpose of ultrasonic sewage treatment.


Why use ultrasonic sewage treatment?


1. First of all, the power is large, and its energy is much larger than that of ordinary sound waves.


2. The traditional wastewater treatment methods mainly include biological method, physical method and chemical method. However, biological methods including anaerobic processes have a long treatment time and are difficult to reduce their toxicity, resulting in many more toxic products. Physical methods include electrocoagulation, adsorption, membrane separation and flocculation, and these physical methods are often poorly adapted. While chemical methods such as photocatalytic degradation and ozone oxidation do not bring secondary pollution, the treatment time is relatively long and the cost is relatively high. Ultrasonic wastewater treatment technology is fast, efficient and free of secondary pollution. The cavitation effect of ultrasonic waves provides the possibility to degrade harmful organic substances in water, thereby realizing the purpose of ultrasonic organic wastewater treatment. In the process of organic wastewater treatment, the cavitation of ultrasonic waves has a strong ability to degrade organic matter, and the degradation rate is very fast. It can react with organic matter by oxidation reaction with hydrogen radicals, and can convert harmful organic matter in water into inorganic ions or organic matter that is less toxic and degradable than the original organic matter. Therefore, the organic pollutants that are difficult to be biodegraded in the traditional organic wastewater treatment can be degraded by ultrasonic cavitation, and the wastewater generated by the ultrasonic cleaning machine will also contain many impurities, grease and other substances, which need further treatment.


How does ultrasonic treatment of sewage?


After biodegradation, the pilot-scale cycle tester is used to break the walls of microorganisms in the sewage through ultrasonic cavitation, which can improve the filter-pressing efficiency of sewage treatment and greatly reduce the water content of the sludge after filter-pressing.


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