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company news about Ultrasonic metal welding machine

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Company News
Ultrasonic metal welding machine
Latest company news about Ultrasonic metal welding machine

Ultrasonic metal welding machine


Ultrasonic metal welding is a special method that uses mechanical vibration energy of ultrasonic frequency to connect the same or dissimilar metals. When metal is ultrasonically welded, it neither delivers current to the workpiece nor applies a high-temperature heat source to the workpiece, but under static pressure, the mechanical energy is transformed into internal energy, deformation energy and limited temperature rise. Solid phase welding occurs when the two base materials reach the recrystallization temperature. Therefore, it effectively overcomes the spatter and oxidation caused by resistance welding. Ultrasonic metal welding machine can perform single-point welding, multi-point welding and short strip welding on thin wire or sheet materials of non-ferrous metals such as copper, silver, aluminum, and nickel. It can be widely used in the welding of thyristor leads, fuse pieces, electrical leads, lithium battery pole pieces, and tabs


Ultrasonic connection technology is widely used in the field of battery production to ensure the best electrical conductivity, even if it is connected to different types of metals, the performance is excellent. Ultrasonic welding process characteristics (firm and reliable, very economical) Ultrasonic welding has the advantages of firm solder joints, small solder joint internal resistance, no oxidation marks, and beautiful appearance; no sparks are generated during welding, and the operator is safe and assured, and there is no smoke. Will not cause air pollution; all welding workpieces can be welded without pre-treatment, without soldering tin, welding oil and other additives, economical and convenient; welding time is very short, generally within 0.01-1s seconds to complete the welding instantly; welding temperature does not exceed Its annealing temperature does not change the metallographic structure of the weldment, its welding strength is stronger than other welding methods, and the welding interface is neat and clean.


Ultrasonic wire harness welding machine is a derivative equipment of ultrasonic metal welding machine. Mainly used in the welding of copper wire and aluminum wire such as the welding of automobile wiring harness and motorcycle wiring harness. So it is often called automobile wire harness welding machine. One of the most important advantages of ultrasonic welding is the lower temperature. The generation of temperature is inevitable, it is only caused by friction, which is only 1/3 or 1/2 of the melting point of the metal. At the low temperature generated by the welding process, the metal wire retains its original performance due to annealing and the low temperature does not damage the insulation of the wire; in addition, the lower temperature also means that thin metal can be welded to thick metal Without causing damage to thin metal. These are very important in wire harness production.


Advantages of ultrasonic metal welding process:
1. The welding temperature is low, the welding material does not melt, and the metal is not fragile.
2. After welding, the conductivity is good, and the resistance performance is better than other welding processes.
3. High welding efficiency, without any flux, gas or solder.
4. Welding without sparks, environmental protection and safety.

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