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Company News
Ultrasonic Food Cutting
Latest company news about Ultrasonic Food Cutting

Ultrasonic Food Cutting


When chewing bubble gum, have you ever wondered why bubble gum can be cut so neatly? When the nougat sticks to the teeth, have you ever wondered how the knife that cut it succeeded? With the ultrasonic cutter, these problems are all sprinkled with water.


What is ultrasonic cutting?


Ultrasonic cutting knife, also known as ultrasonic cutting machine, is a kind of ultrasonic equipment specially used for cutting, and is one of the important categories of ultrasonic applications.


Why is ultrasonic needed for cutting?


Although the traditional mechanical cutting method is less expensive, there are many limitations in cutting food. For example, using traditional knives for cake cutting, due to the soft characteristics of the cake, during the cutting process, problems such as deformation and breakage of the cake are prone to occur, which destroys the beauty of the cake and causes waste. Although the emergence of cake cutting machines has greatly improved the cutting efficiency of cakes, the problems of uneven cutting edges and easy breakage still exist. Moreover, the automatic cake cutting only uses a stainless steel cutting blade, and some cream cakes themselves have a large stickiness, so the blades often stick together, which will also affect the overall work efficiency. Similar problems occur with foods such as bread and cheese that are similar to cakes.

Ultrasonic cutting does not cause physical tearing and breakage of the material being cut due to the avoidance of sharp blades and high pressure. Since the cutting knife is always in high-frequency ultrasonic vibration, the surface of the cutting knife will produce cutting of inelastic materials, such as the cutting of cakes and other foods, and the cutting of various rubber and prevention materials. During ultrasonic cutting, due to the fusion effect of the cutting part under the action of high temperature, the cutting part can be quickly sealed, which can effectively prevent the tissue from being cut from loosening. It can also effectively reduce food debris when cutting. It is suitable for pastry foods of different thickness and hardness, and is suitable for families or factories with small production volume.


What is the applicable scope of ultrasonic food cutting?

Ultrasonic cutting knives can easily achieve precise cutting of food such as bread, cakes, cheese, frozen food and more. In addition, the ultrasonic food cutter can also cut items containing vegetables, meat, nuts, etc., or foods containing ingredients such as fat, sugar, cream, and chocolate, and the internal products will not be deformed or displaced. Ultrasonic cutting technology can easily pass through multiple layers of food without causing food deformation, thereby improving cutting quality and consistency.

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