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Company News
Ultrasonic Copper Tube Welding Machine
Latest company news about Ultrasonic Copper Tube Welding Machine

Ultrasonic Copper Tube Welding Machine


Ultrasonic Copper Tube Welding Machine is a portable 20khz ultrasonic welding machine for sealing and cutting copper tubes. The precise control system of this product can ensure stable welding quality, and the operation is very simple. This type of machine eliminates the undesirable effects of traditional spark welding, lead welding, acetylene welding and other welding processes. The bending-sealing-cutting operation can be completed quickly within one second. The product has excellent process control and high reliability, so it is especially suitable for automated operation.


Ultrasonic copper pipe welding machine can reliably and conveniently complete all kinds of copper and aluminum pipe cutting and sealing procedures under φ12mm at one time, with high sealing strength, no air leakage, no leakage, and fully meet the requirements of the new welding process. The principle of metal sealing and cutting welding: through high-frequency mechanical vibration to weld non-ferromagnetic metal material workpieces, the transducer converts high-frequency electrical energy into high-frequency mechanical vibration energy, and the welding head is designed with a cut that will cut under a certain pressure. Metal tube, at the same time, the welding head and the metal tube friction and heat to make the metal tube melt, and finally achieve the sealing and cutting effect. Ultrasonic metal pipe sealing and cutting machine is used in the sealing, sealing and sealing and cutting welding of metal pipes, copper pipes, aluminum pipes, copper alloy pipes, etc. It is suitable for the sealing of copper pipes in refrigeration industries such as cooling systems, refrigerators, freezers, and air conditioners.


Welding characteristics of ultrasonic copper pipe welding machine:
1. The low-cost, fast-replaceable welding head and die of the ultrasonic refrigerator copper tube sealing welding machine can minimize the operating cost;
2. Ultrasonic water chiller copper pipe sealing welding machine welding head has excellent matching with the transducer, high accuracy, and a good realization of the metal pipe sealing and cutting effect;
3. The advanced control device of the copper tube sealing and cutting machine of ultrasonic refrigeration equipment enables the commissioning and operation of the equipment to be completed by a button, and monitors the welding quality to ensure the best welding effect;
4. The bending-sealing-cutting operation of the ultrasonic freezer copper pipe sealing welding machine can be completed quickly within one second, the welding consistency is good, and the automatic alarm function is provided for defective welding products;
5. Ultrasonic car air conditioner copper pipe cutting and sealing machine is light in weight, ergonomic design, automatic process monitoring to ensure that each welding can meet the preset welding power, time and depth and other quality restrictions.


Welding advantages of ultrasonic copper pipe welding machine:
1. Simple installation-the system has a compact structure design and is easy to install on all types of loading machines
2. Low scrap rate-unique ultrasonic packaging technology can reduce the scrap rate to less than 1%
3. Beautiful appearance-the use of ultrasonic packaging can effectively eliminate flash points and "burrs"
4. Fast and efficient-(depending on the size and material of the tube) 80 packaging welding can be completed per minute
5. Quick conversion-due to the multi-purpose welding head, no other adjustments are needed when replacing the workpiece
6. Quick start-the system does not need to be warmed up and can be started immediately when the conversion starts
7. Low operating cost-energy saving, high efficiency, no need to consume energy to maintain the temperature of the welding head during packaging

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