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company news about Ultrasonic cleaning equipment

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Company News
Ultrasonic cleaning equipment
Latest company news about Ultrasonic cleaning equipment

The mechanism research and equipment development of ultrasonic cleaning technology and the research and application of ultrasonic cleaning technology have a history of nearly 50 years in our country, and they have been carried out almost simultaneously with foreign countries. Before the 1980s, my country’s ultrasonic cleaning research and development units were few in terms of research and development teams and production units. Since the 1980s and especially the 1990s, with the deepening of reform and opening up, the rapid development of the national economy and the continuous progress of science and technology, they are especially advanced. The demand for manufacturing technology, the research of ultrasonic cleaning technology and the research and development of ultrasonic cleaning equipment have been rapidly developed, the research team has continued to grow, and the number of research and development units has continued to increase.


Ultrasonic cleaning is a kind of physical cleaning, and it is green cleaning. If you add a suitable cleaning agent to the cleaning solution, it is a combined cleaning and has a more obvious cleaning effect. Ultrasonic cleaning is the most widely used power ultrasound. Ultrasonic cleaning is closely related to the development of modern technology and advanced manufacturing processes. Ultrasonic cleaning is a more effective one in various chemical, physical and mechanical cleaning. It is widely used in machinery, optics, electronics, light industry, textile, chemical, aerospace, shipbuilding, atomic energy, medical and pharmaceutical industries.


Technical characteristics

Compared with other cleaning, ultrasonic cleaning has high cleaning rate, less residue, short cleaning time, and good cleaning effect. Ultrasound has a cleaning effect on all parts to be cleaned that can be immersed in liquid. It is not limited by the surface shape of the cleaning parts, such as deep holes, slits, and grooves. Can be cleaned. Because the ultrasonic generator adopts Class D working amplification, the electroacoustic efficiency of the transducer is high, so ultrasonic cleaning is highly efficient and energy-saving. It is a real high-speed, high-quality cleaning technology that can be easily automated. If the cleaning agent is non-ODS cleaning agent, it has a green cleaning effect. Ultrasonic cleaning has a good cleaning effect on objects with strong reflection such as glass and metal, and is not suitable for materials with strong sound absorption such as textiles, porous foam plastics, and rubber products.

Compared with various chemical, physical, electrochemical and ultrasonic cleaning physical and chemical cleaning methods, ultrasonic cleaning has the following unique advantages: ·It can quickly and thoroughly remove all kinds of dirt on the surface of the workpiece.

·It can clean precision parts with cavities, grooves and other complicated shapes.

·No damage to the surface of the workpiece.

· Various cleaning agents can be used.

·It can be cleaned at room temperature or properly heated (around 60°C).

·The integrated structure of the whole machine is easy to move.

·Save solvents, clean paper, energy, workplace and labor, etc.

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