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company news about The Processing Method of Ultrasonic Circle Blade

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Company News
The Processing Method of Ultrasonic Circle Blade
Latest company news about The Processing Method of Ultrasonic Circle Blade

    In recent 40 years ultrasonic processing method is a new method of processing gradually developed. It is not only able to process metal carbide hard and brittle materials, but also can be applied to the semiconductor and precision non-conductive, non-metallic hard and brittle materials machining and forming, with incomparable general machining process effect, with a wide range of applications. Ultrasonic machining tool is installed on an ultrasonic processing apparatus, ultrasonic vibration at ultrasonic machining the workpiece. Ultrasonic machining apparatus generally comprises an ultrasonic generator, transducer, horn, and tools. Ultrasonic generator converts AC power into a certain power of ultrasonic frequency electrical oscillation signal transducer converts the signal into ultrasonic frequency electrical oscillations of ultrasonic vibration, ultrasonic mechanical vibrations transmitted through the horn zoom tool, the tool is designed to be able to the free end of the given frequency to provide maximum amplitude. As a tool load horn, its agencies size, quality, size and quality of the connection with the horn, has a great influence on the resonance frequency of the ultrasonic vibration and performance, are also a great influence on machining accuracy.

    Various existing structure of an ultrasonic tool, such as China Patent Document CN200946158 disclosed in "ball-type head", CN201357237 disclosed "ultrasonic machining cylinder head" and CN201357303 disclosed in "ball-type ultrasonic machining head," although all sorts of forms of these tools, but are suitable for ultrasonic machining hard and brittle materials, the ultrasonic machining in composites is not complete or is not ideal. Composite materials with high specific strength, high specific modulus, high temperature resistance, corrosion resistance, fatigue resistance, light texture and many other advantages, aerospace, machinery, electronics, energy and many other areas are widely used. However, due to the special characteristics of the composite material and the organizational structure, making it very difficult machining. When using the traditional way of working, you need to be prepared with the pocket opposite convex tool, the production of complex, high processing costs, long cycle, and in the process, there is a serious tool wear and other problems affecting the machining precision and efficiency limited the industrial application of composite materials. Previously, people have been using diamond and reverse spiral blade cutter cutting composite materials. However, the actual production of diamond saw blades found when cutting composite blade fracture raising serious, and generate a lot of heat, vibration and severe; spiral cutter when cutting composite materials, machine tools demanding and expensive, not suitable for batch processing product. At present, the existing circular blade used in the composite ultrasonic processing occurs during use often whistle, moment to break, threatening the safety and lead to scrapped parts, and the cutting tool body temperature is high, low processing efficiency, processing quality poor .

    The purpose of this application is to overcome the shortcomings and deficiencies mentioned above, and to provide an ultrasonic processing which is applied to the circular blade mounted on the ultrasonic cutting machine tools, cutting, cutting over composite effect. The application of the technology used to achieve its purpose as follows scheme. One kind of circular blades used in ultrasonic machining, the circular blade radial uniformly distributed radially through slot, the number of the through slot is even.

    The circular blade including unibody convex sets and disk, as described in central convex set are mounting holes, described the disc with coaxial convex set, and described the disc edge set has a circular blade rake Angle.Described in the circular blade with screw threaded connection, the amplitude of a screw nut thickness less than the height of convex sets, the top of the nut is not beyond the circular blade under the plane.Described through groove on both sides of the groove edge and circular blade radius overlap, and on both sides of the groove edge Angle < 16 °, described chamfer edges of the circular arc Settings, arc radius in Imm 3 mm.Described through slot on circular bore hole, polygons, beaded or arc shape long hole. Angle range before the circular blade angle is greater than or equal to 10 ° and less than or equal to 18 °.

    Ultrasonic processing technology as an advanced means of processing, the use of ultrasonic vibration energy to the cutting of composite materials technology has been widely used in the United States and Europe. Throughout the ultrasonic milling systems, the tool is directly on the material to be cut, which the development of tools put forward higher requirements. Ultrasound system has a natural frequency, modal various stress the natural frequency of the tool diameter geometry, tool material properties related. But particularly difficult to calculate the intrinsic value of a function of frequency, to bring a lot of engineering problems. In the ultrasonic vibration processing system, circular blade is mainly used for semi-intensive plane or surface finishing.

     A circular blade used in ultrasonic machining and its design method, belonging to the ultrasonic cutter and its design method technical field. The circular blade radial uniformly distributed radially through slot, the number of the through slot is even. Said method comprising the steps of (A) to calculate the circular blade resonant frequency; establishing ANSYS finite element analysis model to calculate the circular blade vibration mode; (B) to determine the pitch line;(C) If there is a pitch circle, in the section line and the pitch circle overlaps open through groove; if the presence of the pitch, in the section line a through slot. Radial slotted circular blade cutting blade so that it can produce a good effect of ultrasonic vibrations, it is possible with high precision machining of composite materials, the advantages of the ultrasonic vibration machining easier to achieve and reflect.

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