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company news about The Principle Of Heat Sealing Machine

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Company News
The Principle Of Heat Sealing Machine
Latest company news about The Principle Of Heat Sealing Machine

The Principle Of Heat Sealing Machine


Heat sealing machine is the first choice for plastic heat sealing. It uses high-frequency electric field to oscillate the molecules inside the plastic to generate heat energy to fuse various products.


The Main Purpose:


Blister packaging, including upper and lower double blister heat sealing and trimming, blister and cardboard heat sealing and trimming, etc.
At the moment of the epidemic, the biggest use of heat sealers now is to make protective clothing.


Working Principle:


1.The dielectric material undergoes molecular polarization under the action of the high-frequency electric field, and is arranged in the direction of the electric field. Due to the high-frequency electric field, the direction changes at an extremely fast speed, and the dielectric material will heat up due to dielectric loss.


2. High-frequency plastic welding equipment belongs to high-frequency dielectric heating equipment.


3. The cycle rate generated by the local oscillator with strong output power is 27.12MHZ or 40.68MHZ, which conforms to the international industrial segment standard. Various special electronic circuits for control devices can avoid improper operation, and can weld products in the fastest time and improve products.


Main Feature:


1. Anti-radio wave interference device of heat sealing machine: high-frequency frequency stabilizer and high-frequency magnetic field shielding system device, which minimizes the high-frequency interference of PVC plastic heat-sealing machine and effectively solves the problem of high-frequency interference of PVC plastic heat-sealing machine on other machines or residents' lives. Influence.


2. The cycle rate of heat sealing machine is stable: the high-frequency heat sealing machine for stationery adopts the international industrial band 27.12MHZ, and the output cycle rate is stable, which conforms to the international industrial band standard.


3. The heat sealing machine has strong output force and reliable performance: low-loss coaxial oscillator, coherent tuner, and high-frequency heat sealing machine have strong output force to shorten the welding time and increase the output.


4. High-sensitivity spark arrester for heat-sealing machine: PL5557 electronic thyratron to detect excess current.


5. Safety performance of heat sealing machine: When working or stationary, whether it is a sudden power failure or gas stop, or when power is on or ventilated, the machine is in a static state, maintains the original position, and will not suddenly rise or fall; greatly improved Worker safety issues.


6. Heat sealing machine heating device: stepless heating and temperature adjustment device, which can adjust the temperature according to the production needs of different products, and the work efficiency is higher.


7. Heat sealing machine is widely used: heat sealing of pure PVC, PET or plastics containing more than 20% PVC content, leather and leather heat sealing, or cloth heat sealing.

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