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company news about The principle and characteristics of ultrasonic nebulizer

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Company News
The principle and characteristics of ultrasonic nebulizer
Latest company news about The principle and characteristics of ultrasonic nebulizer

The principle and characteristics of ultrasonic nebulizer


The traditional atomizer sprayer is composed of a compressed air device, a thin tube, a nozzle, etc. It uses air suction to turn the medicine or other liquid into a mist and spray it evenly on other objects.


Ultrasonic atomization is the use of ultrasonic energy to break up water or liquid to form several 5-100μm micron particles, which are used for air humidification, liquid mixing, granulation, spraying, metal melting powder and other purposes.


The ultrasonic atomization equipment unit is composed of a dedicated drive power supply, an atomization head, an horn, and an ultrasonic transducer. The dedicated drive power supply is connected to the transducer to drive the atomization head to vibrate at high frequency and produce atomization. It is characterized by high power, the maximum atomization volume of one unit can exceed 100L/h, high atomization effect, low ultrasonic frequency, and can use a variety of liquid media, even sewage, chemical liquids, and oil mucus can also be atomized. No pressure, no noise, no nozzle wear and clogging problems, low energy consumption, small stand-alone volume, and the amount of atomization can be adjusted at will, which is very suitable for the production requirements of the industrial field.


Application aspects:
1. Ultrasonic atomization equipment gradually replaces traditional pressure sprayers and is used in various industries and research and development, especially in the field of micro-coating spraying. The mist generated by the ultrasonic spray system is more accurate, easier to control and environmentally friendly.
2. Ultrasonic atomization equipment can work under high temperature, the highest temperature even exceeds 500 ℃, so it can be applied to metal powder, the process is simple, and the efficiency is high. Through the different designs of the spray head, it can be adapted to a variety of different powder milling requirements. From the quick and easy small amount of powder milling in the laboratory to the large amount of industrial powder milling in the production line, it is possible to achieve.


Product features of ultrasonic atomization:
1. Various liquids can be atomized.
2. Large amount of atomization, low power consumption, energy saving and environmental protection.
3. No blockage, no wear, no noise, no pressure, no moving parts.
4. The amount of atomization can be adjusted to meet customer needs.

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