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company news about The Introduction of Impedance Analyzer

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Company News
The Introduction of Impedance Analyzer
Latest company news about The Introduction of Impedance Analyzer

The Introduction of Impedance Analyzer



Impedance analyzer can be measured in impedance range and wide frequency range. It takes advantage of different conductive effects of objects and adds a fixed low level current to the surface of objects.

The various components, equipment parameters and performance of the object are calculated by the impedance.


Working principle
Impedance analyzers can be measured and assessed to match circuits.

For piezoelectric ceramic pieces

The merits of the device can be judged directly from the admittance circle diagram and logarithmic coordinates:

If there is stratification or cracks inside the ceramic sheet, the logarithmic curve will have multiple peaks, and multiple parasitic small circles will appear on the admittance circle diagram.


For the design, processing and assembly of the booster

Whether it is reasonable or defective, it can be clearly seen directly on the guide diagram.


For the production and processing of ultrasonic welding machine

The state of the welding machine is analyzed by the results of admittance circle, and the problems of the welding machine are found through the analysis of parameters and graphs.


For the production and processing of ultrasonic cleaning machines
The selection of vibrators requires that their vibration properties (bandwidth, quality factor, resonant frequency, dynamic impedance) be as consistent as possible.
On the admittance circle diagram, as far as possible, there are no parasitic circles or no parasitic circles near the resonant point
It can analyze and measure the impedance characteristics of transducer manufacturing, incoming material inspection, bonded transducer and cleaning machine

The measurement of the whole cleaning machine can calibrate the resonant frequency and static capacitance of the machine to match the power supply, and analyze the characteristics of its new resonant point, the impedance after water injection, the capacitance and the vibration mode of the whole machine.


Product application
Impedance analyzer is mainly applied to the measurement of impedance characteristics of various ultrasonic devices, including:
Piezoelectric ceramics, transducers, ultrasonic cleaning machines, ultrasonic plastic welding machines, hydroacoustic, magnetostrictive materials, ultrasonic shredders, ultrasonic atomization, ultrasonic teeth cleaning, ultrasonic ranging, ultrasonic emulsification, ultrasonic descaling, ultrasonic motors, and so on all the equipment using ultrasound

The characteristics of the impedance analyzer

easy to use, the combination of indicators and graphics, accurate parameters, low price, and very strong guidance for production

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