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company news about Reasons for the instability of ultrasonic welding machine

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Company News
Reasons for the instability of ultrasonic welding machine
Latest company news about Reasons for the instability of ultrasonic welding machine

Reasons for the instability of ultrasonic welding machine


The instability of the ultrasonic welding machine may be caused by the following reasons.

1. power supply;
Unstable voltage will cause the output power to increase or decrease;


2. Air pressure:
Ensure to provide clean compressed air with a sufficiently high pressure; the air compressor works intermittently, and the pressure is set to a smaller value and a larger value. The pressure generally floats from 5kg/cm to 9kg/cm, and the pressure set by ultrasonic cannot be higher than This is a small value; in addition, there is a lot of air. Tools and long-distance transmission will also affect the stability of air pressure;


3. The frequency deviation of the ultrasonic mold after a long time of continuous work will also cause welding instability;


4. Machine failure caused:

a. The output power of the machine is unstable,
b. Occasionally overloaded, not found,
c. Time control time is long and short,
d. The accuracy of the machine tool is not enough, the guide rod is loose, the sensor flange is loose, the column is tilted backward, etc.


5. Ultrasonic welding is not suitable for plastic materials;


6. The structure of the ultrasonic line is unreasonable or the plastic structure is unreasonable;


7. There are many product models and large errors.


8. It is affected by the inconsistency of other parts assembled inside the product,


9. Surface treatment will also affect the stability of welding (such as spraying paint such as ultraviolet or rubber oil on the surface of the product, especially if the joint surface of the product is blocked, which will affect the propagation of ultrasonic waves, thereby affecting the stability of welding.)


If this is the case during the installation process, it is the following:


(1) Insufficient design power;
(2) Unreasonable parameter debugging;
(3) The contact surface between the welding surface of the welding head and the mold is not uniform;
(4) There is a problem with the welding machine power supply or inverter or the design is unreasonable;
(5) Increase the welding pressure appropriately.


If the result is this, it is the following:

(1) After working for a period of time, the working point drifts and needs to be adjusted;
(2) Whether there are changes in welding materials such as material, thickness, size, etc.;
(3) Readjust the welding surface of the welding head and the contact surface of the mold;
(4) The power sensor of the welding machine is damaged;
(5) Increase the welding pressure appropriately;

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