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company news about Precautions for novices using ultrasonic welding machine for the first time

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Company News
Precautions for novices using ultrasonic welding machine for the first time
Latest company news about Precautions for novices using ultrasonic welding machine for the first time

Precautions for novices using ultrasonic welding machine for the first time


The frequency of using ultrasonic waves in modern industry is getting higher and higher, and the fields that ultrasonic welding machines can be applied to are becoming more and more extensive. There are currently two main types of ultrasonic welding, one is the traditional ultrasonic welding machine, and the other is the lighter ultrasonic hand welding gun. Both devices have the characteristics of spot welding, and because the ultrasonic welding machine has high efficiency, no consumables, and environmental protection And other characteristics, it is deeply loved by various manufacturers. However, for those who are in contact with the ultrasonic welding machine for the first time, it is inevitable to have some difficulties in operation. Next, Deno Ultrasonic will tell you what precautions will be taken when operating the ultrasonic welding machine.



Use environment
1. Because the ultrasonic machine uses a voltage of 220 volts, please pay attention to the grounding of the line before powering on, and the resistance cannot exceed 4Ω.
2. When the voltage of the ultrasonic machine fluctuates greatly, we need to install an AC transformer for the machine, which can guarantee the life of the machine, reduce the loss, and ensure the safe and stable operation of the machine.
3. As with the ultrasonic machine, before the machine works, the upper mold must be replaced for ultrasonic detection. This is very important and cannot be omitted.
4. The ultrasonic mold needs to be designed reasonably, otherwise it will cause energy deviation or instability, and in serious cases, it will cause damage to the machine's energy conversion system.


When the machine is working
1. After the machine is working, don't put your hands under the upper welding mold, so as to prevent personal injury when the machine vibrates at high frequencies.
2. Do not allow the upper and lower molds to come into contact with each other when the ultrasonic sound is produced. This is to prevent damage to the machine parts.



Other things to pay attention to

1. If the ultrasonic welding product is a plastic part, when the external source pressure is applied, the pressure value needs to be less than 0.5Mpa, otherwise it may cause an explosion or burn the machine.
2. The noise level of the machine is inversely proportional to its frequency. If you want to operate the machine for a long time, wear ear protection tools.

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