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company news about Portable cooler copper tube Hengsheng special ultrasonic tail sealing machine

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Company News
Portable cooler copper tube Hengsheng special ultrasonic tail sealing machine
Latest company news about Portable cooler copper tube Hengsheng special ultrasonic tail sealing machine

Portable cooler copper tube Hengsheng special ultrasonic tail sealing machine


The portable cooling fan copper tube ultrasonic sealing welding machine can simultaneously weld and cut 2-12mm copper or aluminum tubes. It is mainly used in the refrigerator and air-conditioning manufacturing industries to weld and seal the copper or aluminum tubes injected with condensate. In capillary or spherical temperature sensors, and other products that require sealing of copper or aluminum tubes.


The portable cooling fan copper tube Hengsheng special ultrasonic tail sealing machine is an application of ultrasonic welding. The copper tube is fused with itself under the action of pressure and high-frequency friction. This process takes a very short time, generally within 1S, and the excess copper pipes that are sealed and cut are also convenient for centralized processing. The copper pipes of the original welding process are discarded later, which is not a small loss in terms of cost. This equipment can seal copper pipes of about 12mm with a welding power of 3000W. The welding time can be adjusted according to the diameter and wall thickness of the copper pipe to achieve the welding effect. The sealing and cutting of this equipment has no requirements for refrigerants. It can be used for flammable and explosive refrigerants R134, R410, R1234ze and many other refrigerants. It can be sealed and welded. The welding process does not produce open flames, so the safety is much higher than the traditional process. For the welding effect test, the 6.35 copper tube can reach 1500N bursting force, and the aluminum tube can also reach 900N, so the welding effect is enough to meet the working pressure and test pressure of the current machine.



1. Quickly seal copper and aluminum tubes.
2. It can handle pipes with an outer diameter of 3/8" and a thickness of 0.032". (Outer diameter 10mm, thickness 0.8mm).
3. Eliminate the cost and wrinkle time of brazing.
4. Lightweight, less than 30 pounds (14 kg), easy to carry, and high efficiency for hand guidance.
5. Easy to replace long-acting hard stainless steel top, no need to replace the entire welding head.
6. The tube is sealed to the thickness of a single wall, completely airtight and no leakage. It is very suitable for refrigeration and air-conditioning systems.
7. Compared with traditional sealing methods, it has fewer defects and higher production efficiency.
8. The replaceable anvil end form provides excellent copper tube sealing.
9. The operator only needs little training.
10. Automatic frequency tracking device to accurately match the frequency of the vibrator.
11. It is also suitable for spot welding applications.

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