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company news about Multi-head ultrasonic spot welder for felt in automobile coat and hat stand

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Company News
Multi-head ultrasonic spot welder for felt in automobile coat and hat stand
Latest company news about Multi-head ultrasonic spot welder for felt in automobile coat and hat stand

The automobile coat rack felt multi-head ultrasonic spot welding machine can also be called the automobile coat rack assembly welding equipment, which refers to the welding of the main body of the automobile coat rack with the EPDM+PP rubber strip, and the ultrasonic position of the automobile coat rack has multiple places. For welding, multiple ultrasonic systems can be used for switching welding, and if necessary, a hand-held ultrasonic welding machine can be used for repair welding.


Automobile coat rack felt multi-head ultrasonic spot welder. Every process of welding parts is completed in three parts in one device (eight sets of generators). Twenty solder joints are automatically divided into three parts. The whole frame is welded and requires a beautiful appearance. No thorns, the color is painted, the coating is uniform, the structure is reasonable; easy to operate, debug, repair, easy to handle; all processing beats within 60 seconds (excluding pick and place). The number of welding points of the coat racks designed by various automotive interior parts manufacturers is different, and the relative parameters are also different.


Ultrasonic welding of car coat and hat rack


Solidify the plastic well on the car coat rack


The ultrasonic wave of automobile coat and cap frame adopts 28KHZ frequency system and titanium alloy welding joint material: the front door is processed and made by titanium alloy material. After professional ultrasonic mold software analysis, it can be reproduced after qualified parameters such as frequency and amplitude, so as to ensure uniform amplitude of the mold and improve service life.


Main function of multi - head ultrasonic spot welding machine for auto coat and hat rack

More than using high strength steel as the framework, welding head down welding, single welding head separation control at the same time, each ultrasonic adopts air cooling device, the limit screw can adjust the height of the upper die, controlled by the cylinder on the plate movement, PLC man-machine interface control, convenient debugging, and adopting the side pull structure installation, high precision. The whole machine is easy to debug and stable in performance. The practical model can be adjusted at will, and can also cooperate with semi-automatic or full-automatic production.


The pushing mechanism of the equipment can be divided into manual operation and automatic operation, manual operation is a single action, mainly used for the debugging of the mechanism and mold. In the PLC computer touch screen on the main operation screen, according to the welding requirements of the workpiece welding time, curing time, delay time, pressure value to set.

Press the computer touch screen to determine automatically, close the door (the proximity switch indicator light is on) or the safety grating, and press the start switch (blue) left and right buttons with both hands. The process is controlled by PLC to achieve full automatic control. Start the upper die of the switch to perform pressure welding on the workpiece.

Production for automatic, automatic control system using programmable controller (PLC) to control, cylinder coherent motion. Simple operation, reliable performance, compact size, improve production efficiency and quality.

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