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company news about Introduction to Amplitude Measuring Instrument

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Company News
Introduction to Amplitude Measuring Instrument
Latest company news about Introduction to Amplitude Measuring Instrument

Introduction to Amplitude Measuring Instrument


1. The principle of ultrasonic stress relief


Ultrasonic amplitude measuring instrument is a device specially used for ultrasonic amplitude measurement. It is used to measure the output amplitude of ultrasonic plastic welding, spot welding, cutting, sonochemistry, cell crushing and other equipment. It can also measure the output amplitude of ultrasonic transducer, ultrasonic horn and tool head separately.


When the ultrasonic vibration part touches the test rod of the ultrasonic amplitude measuring instrument, the test rod will expand and contract, and the amplitude will be displayed on the display through the measurement of the high-precision sensor. Ultrasonic amplitude refers to the amplitude of ultrasonic welding equipment. Usually, the frequency is between 10kHz~60kHz and the amplitude is between 1μm~200μm. Due to the high frequency and small amplitude, the measurement is more difficult, and high requirements are placed on measurement accuracy. Common testing methods are powerless to it, so it is difficult to measure. Generally, only a laser vibrometer can be used for measurement to get better results. However, laser vibration measurement equipment is expensive and complicated to operate. Production units and professional research and design units are rarely used.


As we all know, for any ultrasonic welding, whether it is ultrasonic plastic welding or ultrasonic metal welding, four parameters can be used to describe. In other words, the effect of ultrasonic welding only depends on four parameters, namely frequency, time, pressure, and amplitude. Among them, the first three parameters are easy to control, adjust and display. Both equipment manufacturers and equipment users understand and pay enough attention to them. They are also adjustment parameters in the daily operation of equipment. The amplitude (displacement) of ultrasonic vibration is a key indicator of ultrasonic equipment, and it is also the most difficult physical quantity to measure and understand. Except for experts and scholars, let alone the users of the equipment, even most equipment manufacturers don't care much about it. We have counted most of the manuals of ultrasonic random equipment, and there is very little description of the ultrasonic amplitude, including the physical meaning of the amplitude, the control and adjustment of the amplitude, and the relationship between the amplitude and the welding quality.


The amplitude of ultrasonic vibration directly represents the size of the ultrasonic output energy, and is also related to the strength of related materials and the service life of the whole machine. Whether for manufacturers of ultrasonic equipment or users who use ultrasonic equipment, how to emphasize its importance cannot be overstated.


2. Performance advantages

① Digital display.
② Absolute and relative measurement.
③ The large display screen can be rotated 360°.
④ Any position can be cleared.
⑤ Transformation between metric system and imperial system can be carried out at any position.
⑥ The analog pointer can show the trend of change.
⑦ Automatic shutdown and manual shutdown.
⑧ The data output is directly transmitted to the computer for data processing through the optional connecting line.

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