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company news about Introduction of ultrasonic rubber cutting machine

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Company News
Introduction of ultrasonic rubber cutting machine
Latest company news about Introduction of ultrasonic rubber cutting machine

Introduction of ultrasonic rubber cutting machine


Rubber is a highly elastic polymer, which has the characteristics of large elasticity, strong toughness, and easy stickiness at high temperatures. Therefore, traditional mechanical cutting is difficult to process. The ultrasonic rubber cutting machine avoids the shortcomings of traditional mechanical cutting to a certain extent, and can cut rubber in various angles and directions, and the rubber is still smooth and smooth after cutting.

There are two main types of traditional rubber cutting methods: hot processing and cold processing. As far as the rubber material is concerned, it is more suitable for cold cutting. Cold cutting has the advantages of low heat generation, low thermal deformation, less dust during the cutting process, and no aging and cracking of the section due to excessive temperature. The wire cutting in cold working has higher precision, but the speed is very slow. Sometimes other methods are needed to punch and thread to cut, and the cutting size is greatly limited. Ultrasonic rubber cutter adopts cold cutting method to avoid deformation of rubber due to heating.

Working principle
Ultrasonic rubber cutting machine uses ultrasonic energy to locally heat the cutting part to melt and cut. The whole cutting process will not cause chipping and breakage of the cutting material. Ultrasonic cutting uses high-frequency vibration to cut rubber, rather than simply cutting with blade pressure, reducing the friction with the rubber, so it is not easy to stick to the blade.

Ultrasonic rubber cutting knife uses high-frequency ultrasonic waves to generate tens of thousands of micro-range reciprocating vibrations per second (amplitude is only a few thousandths of an inch). Cutting rubber not only relies on high-frequency knife-edge cutting, but also direct ultrasonic vibration. Cut the rubber polymer. At the same time, the high-frequency vibration cutting causes the knife edge and the film section to produce micro-interval high-speed friction, which can eliminate the adhesion between the knife edge and the film, and the warm heat generated by the friction is more conducive to cutting into the film, thereby obtaining a very flat cut section.


Problems with traditional cutting
Rubber is the raw material of parts commonly used in the industry. The application range is particularly wide. Many rubber parts are formed by cutting rubber sheets. Traditional rubber cutting uses mechanical cutting methods. The more common one is grinding wheel cutting, but most After the rubber is cut in a similar way, there will be a few breaks on the cut surface, and improper cutting can easily cause the cutting line to bend. In addition, the rubber tangent line often has wavy bends, which are formed by heating during the cutting process. These cutting problems will affect the aesthetics of the entire rubber product.


Advantages of ultrasonic cutting

1. High precision cutting
Ultrasonic vibration reduces the frictional resistance between the blade and the material, so that the blade can cut smoothly without deformation. Ultrasonic vibration reduces material adhesion on the blade, thereby reducing the downtime of the clean production system. Throughout the cutting process, the surface of the blade remains smooth, clear and clean.

2. Sustainable cutting
The output of the ultrasonic blade is monitored in real time through a closed loop circuit to ensure continuous rubber cutting.

3. Dry type-no lubrication required
Because the ultrasonic cutting blade can pass the rubber smoothly, and the ultrasonic vibration vibrates at 20,000 to 40,000 cycles per second, the whole process does not need to lubricate the blade.

4. Avoid material flash
When rubber is cut, it has a fusion effect on the cut part, and the cut part is completely sealed without causing flashing of the rubber material.

5. Applicable to various working environments
Ultrasonic cutting equipment can adopt air-cooled and water-cooled designs to adapt to various working conditions and environments.

Easy to integrate into automation
Ultrasonic rubber cutting equipment is small in size. In addition to being handheld, it can also be installed on an automated integrated machine. It is easier to operate and has higher cutting accuracy.

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