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company news about Introduction Of Ultrasonic Crude Oil Demulsification Technology Knowledge

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Company News
Introduction Of Ultrasonic Crude Oil Demulsification Technology Knowledge
Latest company news about Introduction Of Ultrasonic Crude Oil Demulsification Technology Knowledge

Introduction Of Ultrasonic Crude Oil Demulsification Technology Knowledge


Crude oil demulsification methods mainly include chemical demulsifier method, gravity method, centrifugal method, ultrasonic-assisted demulsification method, eddy current electric field demulsification method, microwave demulsification method, biological demulsification method, membrane demulsification method, etc. In industrial production, crude oil is usually demulsified, dehydrated and desalted by adding chemical demulsifiers and electrical desalting.


However, as crude oil becomes heavier and worse, it is difficult to carry out oil-water separation using traditional crude oil demulsification methods.


Ultrasonic demulsification is realized based on the displacement effect of ultrasonic waves acting on fluid media with different properties. Since ultrasonic waves have good conductivity in both oil and water, in-depth research on ultrasonic crude oil demulsification has been carried out at home and abroad. Ultrasonic demulsification technology has been applied to the demulsification of crude oil, dirty oil and aged oil.


In the standing wave field, due to the uneven distribution of sound pressure, the distribution of water particles is uneven, which is more conducive to the collision of water particles in crude oil, so as to achieve the purpose of demulsification.


Ultrasonic crude oil demulsification mainly uses the mechanical vibration and thermal effect of ultrasonic waves:


1. The action of mechanical vibration promotes the condensation of water particles. When the ultrasonic wave passes through the crude oil medium with suspended water particles, the suspended water particles and the crude oil medium vibrate together. Because the suspended water particles of different sizes have different relative vibration speeds, the water particles will collide and bond with each other, so that the volume and mass of the particles increase, and finally settle and separate.


2. The mechanical vibration can make the natural emulsifiers such as paraffin, colloid and asphalt in the crude oil medium evenly dispersed, increase their solubility, reduce the mechanical strength of the oil-water interface film, and facilitate the sedimentation and separation of the water phase.


3. Thermal action can reduce the strength of the oil-water interface film and the viscosity of crude oil. On the one hand, the boundary friction increases the temperature at the oil-water interface, which is conducive to the rupture of the interface film; on the other hand, the crude oil absorbs part of the sound energy converted into heat energy, which can reduce the viscosity of the crude oil and facilitate the gravitational sedimentation and separation of water particles.

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