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company news about How Widely Is The Application Of Ultrasonic Cleaning Machine

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Company News
How Widely Is The Application Of Ultrasonic Cleaning Machine
Latest company news about How Widely Is The Application Of Ultrasonic Cleaning Machine

How Widely Is The Application Of Ultrasonic Cleaning Machine


The ultrasonic waves propagate in the liquid, so that the liquid and the cleaning tank vibrate together at the ultrasonic frequency. When the liquid and the cleaning tank vibrate, they have their own natural frequency. This vibration frequency is the sound wave frequency, so people hear humming. With the continuous development of the cleaning industry, more and more industries and enterprises have applied ultrasonic cleaning machines.
The principle of ultrasonic cleaning machine is that the high-frequency oscillation signal sent by the ultrasonic generator is converted into high-frequency mechanical oscillation by the transducer and propagated to the medium-cleaning solvent, and the ultrasonic waves radiate forward in the cleaning liquid, making The liquid flows to produce tens of thousands of tiny bubbles with a diameter of 50-500μm, and the tiny bubbles existing in the liquid vibrate under the action of the sound field. These bubbles form and grow in the negative pressure zone where the ultrasonic wave travels longitudinally, while in the positive pressure zone, when the sound pressure reaches a certain value, the bubbles increase rapidly and then close suddenly. And when the bubble is closed, a shock wave is generated, and thousands of atmospheric pressures are generated around it, destroying the insoluble dirt and dispersing them in the cleaning liquid. When the group particles are wrapped in oil and adhere to the surface of the cleaning piece, the oil is emulsified and solid Particles are separated, so as to achieve the purpose of cleaning parts purification. In this process known as "cavitation" effect, the closure of bubbles can create high temperatures of several hundred degrees and instantaneous high pressures of more than 1,000 barometric pressures.

Application: Power adjustable series products are widely used in laboratories such as schools, scientific research institutes, pharmaceuticals, chemical products, food, hospitals, chemicals, high-tech, etc., for ultrasonic cleaning of special utensils, as well as sample pretreatment of analysis objects, Crushing, emulsification, mixing, solubilization, dispersion, extraction, defoaming and degassing, accelerating chemical reactions, reducing viscosity of liquids, etc. At the same time for instruments, electrical components, circuit boards, semiconductors, silicon wafers, magnetic materials, electroplating parts, hardware, optical lenses, spare parts, audio magnetic heads, optical fiber connectors, polyester filter cores, spinnerets, latex molds, medical Deep cleaning of precision parts in equipment, glassware, blood vessels, bearings and machinery manufacturing, and precision parts with complex shapes.

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