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company news about How to maintain the ultrasonic welding machine

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Company News
How to maintain the ultrasonic welding machine
Latest company news about How to maintain the ultrasonic welding machine

Ultrasonic plastic welding machines have been recognized by more and more factories because of their strong applicability. Traditional manual welding and glue processes will gradually be replaced.


With the advent of the Industrial 4.0 era, intelligent manufacturing entered the factory, and AI intelligent ultrasonic welding equipment was born. For different styles and types of ultrasonic plastic welding machines,


How to carry out maintenance? What features should the ultrasonic welder maintain? Is it necessary for professional personnel to maintain and maintain plastic welding equipment? Let's take a look


Daily maintenance knowledge of ultrasonic plastic welding machines.


Maintenance of ultrasonic plastic welding machine: equipment maintenance, equipment testing and equipment repair.



Maintenance of ultrasonic welding machine:


Keep ultrasonic plastic welding equipment clean, tidy, well lubricated and safe to operate. This includes tightening loose fasteners in time, adjusting the clearance of the moving parts, and so on. That is, "clean, lubricate, tighten, adjust, anti-corrosion" cross-operation method. Practice has proved that the service life of the equipment depends largely on the daily maintenance of the ultrasonic welding machine.


Maintenance is divided into daily maintenance, primary maintenance, secondary maintenance and tertiary maintenance according to the size and difficulty of the workload.


Daily maintenance: Also known as routine maintenance, the main content is to clean, lubricate, fasten parts that are easy to loosen, and check the integrity of parts. Most of this type of maintenance is external to the equipment.


Primary maintenance: The main content is the general tightening, cleaning, lubrication, fastening, and some need to be adjusted. Daily maintenance and first-level maintenance can be completed by the frontline operator.


Secondary maintenance: The main content is internal cleaning, lubrication, partial disassembly inspection and adjustment.


Three-level maintenance: It is mainly to check and adjust the main part of the equipment, and replace the parts that meet the specified wear limit when necessary. In addition, the wear and tear of the main components is measured, identified and recorded. Secondary maintenance and tertiary maintenance are required for the operator to complete the training.


In addition to ultrasonic welding machines, daily maintenance of rotary friction welding machines, heat welding machines, hot plate welding machines, and ultrasonic cutting equipment is the basis. In the actual production and equipment maintenance process, according to the machine's production process, structural complexity, structural complexity, etc. to develop good machine operating practices and maintenance habits.

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