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company news about How To Improve Ultrasonic Welding Effect Of Products

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Company News
How To Improve Ultrasonic Welding Effect Of Products
Latest company news about How To Improve Ultrasonic Welding Effect Of Products

How to improve ultrasonic welding effect of products? We can improve by the following points (for reference only) and learn about ultrasonic welding together.


1.Improve ultrasonic welding fixture

Ultrasonic welding fixtures mainly play the role of positioning and bearing for products with complex three-dimensional surface shape and high processing precision, and the machining accuracy of ultrasonic fixtures is highly demanded. When the welding fixture does not match the angle or curvature of the product to be welded, it is easy to cause deformation after welding. Generally, the fixture material is aluminum alloy. After the fixture is processed according to the contour of the product to be welded, the natural frequency of the fixture needs to be changed by fine adjustment. The welding effect is better when the frequency is used in combination with the ultrasonic welding machine.

Ultrasonic welding molds are prone to cracking and breaking products. Welding fixtures should be designed with soft resin or covered cork. Products that are not easily broken can improve the quality of welding by surface treatment of ultrasonic welding fixtures.



2.Adjust ultrasonic welding conditions

Ultrasonic operating conditions refer to the setting of the machine's output power, pressure, welding time, hardening time, delay time and other elements.Optimal welding results are often obtained by optimizing ultrasonic conditions.

In the implementation of the ultrasonic welding, if the pressure is too large, the cylinder down buffer is too fast, it is easy to flatten the ultrasonic welding line, Although the product seems to have been tightly fitted, the welded wire has been squeezed and collapsed, and the welding effect is lost. Forced welding of the face and face of the plastic part is formed instead of the lead welding of the triangular point, so that the welding artifact is generated.


3.Optimize the ultrasonic welding line

The design of product welding line is not reasonable, and the product slips due to the pressure during the ultrasonic welding process, which may resulting in the product to be misaligned or the welding line may be no problem in design, but as a result of the welding parts machining accuracy is not enough. lead to sizes may happen such problems in the mold processing for welding line is symmetrica. When the height is consistent, the positioning and ultrasonic welding line are the key to success or failure.




Non-crystalline polymer type thermoplastics are ideal materials for ultrasonic welding

According to products features and occasions, Ultrasonic welding wire is generally divided into four types: triangular welding wire, circumferential welding wire, peak valley welding wire and step welding wire.

The common quality problems in ultrasonic welding can be solved by improving the ultrasonic welding fixture, adjusting the ultrasonic welding conditions and optimizing the ultrasonic welding line.

To control the welding quality of the ultrasonic plastic welding machine, it is necessary to understand the quality problems that are easy to occur in the welding process, and then solve them in a targeted way. After the skilled operation, it can be freely controlled.

In the actual production of ultrasonic welding, especially for mobile phones and other personal consumer products that require high quality for appearance and performance, the quality is still a difficult problem to control. Summarizing past experience, some quality problems that are usually more likely to occur are: low strength, scratches or cracks on the surface of the product, distortion or self-coloring of the product, damage to the internal parts of the product or deformation due to extrusion, and product burrs.the product size can not control and deviation,product within the tolerance after cannot meet the requirements of water sealing performance.after ultrasonic welding.

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