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company news about How To Detect The Quality Of Ultrasonic Transducer?

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Company News
How To Detect The Quality Of Ultrasonic Transducer?
Latest company news about How To Detect The Quality Of Ultrasonic Transducer?

The ultrasonic transducer converts the high-frequency and high-voltage power sent by the electric box into high-frequency mechanical vibration, and the maximum power input can reach several kilowatts. Therefore, the volatility and power input of the ultrasonic transducer are very important to the function of the parts, and it is also the most valuable of the equipment. The ultrasonic transducer is the key to the value of the entire device. Ultrasonic transducer is the heart of ultrasonic products, and electromechanical equipment is especially important.


So, how to detect the quality of ultrasonic transducer? The details are as follows:


1. It can be distinguished from the manufacturing process and appearance of the ultrasonic transducer; the ultrasonic transducer indirectly shows that the company pays attention to the quality of the product, and the quality of production and quality will naturally be better (but not relatively). And the design process indirectly affects the quality of production.


2. It can be identified based on the process design and application data of the ultrasonic transducer; but this requires a good understanding and rich experience of the transducer data. Whether the design is reasonable or not should be determined based on the selected materials. The quality of the materials indirectly affects the quality of the product. The materials of the same specifications are not the same in the place of origin, and the quality is also very different. No matter how bad the materials are, the best technology can make good products.


3. Parameter testing; testing whether the parameters of the ultrasonic transducer can be matched with the parameters of the electric box, and whether the desired effect can be achieved.


4. Computer experiment:

1- Power input experiment: This method can detect the mating condition of the transducer and the electric box, and at the same time can reflect the size of the electric box and the load power input of the transducer. The larger the mold belt, the better the task and the better the power input. Strong. (The current can only reflect the input efficiency, not the power of the device)

2-Volatility experiment (imitating aging experiment): Bring the equipment with additional load to detect the power input volatility of the electric box and the transducer.

3- Overload operation test: Test the volatility and lifespan of production quality. This test only needs to carry additional load and continue to operate for 8 hours without continuous operation.

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