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company news about How To Debug The Frequency Of The Ultrasonic Generator?

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Company News
How To Debug The Frequency Of The Ultrasonic Generator?
Latest company news about How To Debug The Frequency Of The Ultrasonic Generator?

How To Debug The Frequency Of The Ultrasonic Generator?


Simple debugging steps of ultrasonic generator:


Before debugging the generator, (prepare a frequency multimeter, a clamp meter, a Phillips screwdriver, a small flat-blade screwdriver, and an insulating pad for adjusting the generator), be sure to use a multimeter to check whether the load is short-circuited, whether the positive and negative poles are reversed, and the ultrasonic (vibration plate) is positive. The negative terminal is correctly connected to the positive and negative terminals of the generator output. The negative electrode is connected to the tank body, and the multimeter will alarm when testing.




1. Open the generator casing, check whether there are any damaged or loose plug-ins inside the generator due to logistics and transportation, confirm that there is no abnormal situation, loosen the two screw nuts of the inductor, and plug in the 220V grounding power supply. (Note: The transformer with several yellow insulating spacers in the middle is an inductor).


2. Turn on the switch on the front of the generator, the screen displays the value of "F28.0" or "F40.0", which represents the frequency of the generator. (At this time, it should be confirmed whether the frequency of the ultrasonic wave is consistent with the frequency of the generator)


Embed the red wire inside the generator switch with a current meter and observe its actual current. The following situations will occur:


  •  When the displayed current is the actual working current value, you can stop debugging and lock the adjusting inductance nut.


  • If the displayed current is far less than the actual working current value, directly lift the magnetic core above the adjusting inductance by hand, and observe the scrolling display of the embedded current meter during the lifting process. When the embedded current meter displays the working current value Remember the height of the inductor lift, and then use insulating paper to pad it to this height, and then lock the inductor nut after shutting down. (The addition and removal of gaskets must be carried out in the state of shutdown)


  • If the displayed current is greater than the actual working current value, the method is opposite, indicating that the inductance is higher, and the actual working current value can be achieved by reducing the gasket accordingly.


  •  If the displayed current value is less than (greater than) the working current value, there is no need to adjust the inductance, but directly use a small flat-blade screwdriver to fine-tune the small blue potentiometer on the upper left of the display screen, and observe the inflow meter during the process of turning the left and right knobs. , when the embedded current meter shows the working current value, stop fine-tuning.

The frequency adjustment of the ultrasonic generator can have a good effect in some equipment. For example, the ultrasonic cleaner will also have a certain effect in the cleaning effect, but it is not suitable for all equipment, and it is determined according to specific circumstances. 

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