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company news about How long does it take for an ultrasonic cleaning machine to clean things?

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Company News
How long does it take for an ultrasonic cleaning machine to clean things?
Latest company news about How long does it take for an ultrasonic cleaning machine to clean things?

How long does it take for an ultrasonic cleaning machine to clean things?


How long does it take for an ultrasonic cleaning machine to clean things? Generally, how long does it take for an ultrasonic cleaning machine to clean things, and how long is it suitable for cleaning. I believe many people don’t have a clear time for this, and don’t know how to do it. In fact, there is no specific and accurate time for this. The main thing is to see which factors determine the cleaning time. Let's explain it below.

Ultrasonic power is one of the decisive factors. For example, when the ultrasonic power is relatively strong, the cleaning time can be cleaned in less time. If it is cleaning glasses, necklaces, bracelets, gold and platinum jewelry, jewelry and other small household items, the cleaning object is dust, For dirt such as oil stains, it usually takes 3-5 minutes. But if the object to be cleaned is relatively large and the dirt is relatively heavy, it will not stop. Generally, the cleaning in the factory industry takes 15-30 minutes. When the ultrasonic power is too weak, it is not a problem of long and short cleaning time, and it is very likely that the cleaning will not be clean.


In addition, the ultrasonic frequency is also a factor that determines the cleaning effect. Generally, the ultrasonic cleaning equipment between 28KHz-128KHz on the market is mainly used in the cleaning line. The cleaning time depends on the number of cleaning processes. If you choose automatic ultrasonic It is also a long-term feasible way to use a washing machine to perform the entire cleaning process. This is definitely more efficient than manual cleaning, and the cleanliness of the cleaning will be relatively cleaner. Transducers below 40KHz are mainly used for hardware and metal parts. They are widely used in the railway industry, aerospace, ship, automobile and other industries. The parts and accessories of these industries are often heavy in dirt and grease, and have a more appearance. Rough, so a relatively strong low-frequency transducer is needed, and the cleaning time is generally about 20-30 minutes. However, some precision optical parts use high-frequency transducers, and the price of high-frequency ultrasonic cleaners is relatively higher than that of low-frequency ones. In places like laboratories, medical research, etc., the cleaning objects are more precise and meticulous, and the vibration intensity should not be too large. Generally, an ultrasonic cleaning machine with a frequency of 40KHz or higher is selected, and the cleaning time generally ranges from 5 to 30 minutes.


Moreover, the length of the cleaning time is also related to the cleaning agent. For some chemical dirt, it is necessary to add a cleaning agent to produce a chemical reaction, so as to achieve thorough cleaning. If the cleaning agent is selected incorrectly, the ultrasonic cleaning machine will not be cleaned even when it is scrapped. . Therefore, it is generally not the fault of the ultrasonic cleaner that the cleaning is not clean. After all, the ultrasonic cleaner only plays a physical cleaning role.


Finally, the degree of dirt on the cleaned object itself is thick, and the heavy one will generally take longer than the cleaning with shallow dirt. However, the longer the cleaning time is not the better. If the cleaning time is too long, it is necessary to consider whether the wrong cleaning equipment is selected.

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