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company news about Five ways to maintain ultrasonic transducers

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Company News
Five ways to maintain ultrasonic transducers
Latest company news about Five ways to maintain ultrasonic transducers

Five ways to maintain ultrasonic transducers


The function of ultrasonic transducers is to convert the input electrical power into mechanical power (ultrasound) and then transmit it out. It consumes a small part of the power and is the main part of the ultrasonic welding machine. One of the components of the structure is also the most important factor in the performance of the ultrasonic welding machine. Therefore, it is necessary to carry out all aspects of the machine maintenance work. Below we will introduce you five maintenance methods for the transducer of the ultrasonic welding machine. 


Method 1: The panel control display part includes the power switch on the generator panel, the power adjustment potentiometer, and the power output indicator to complete the power switch, power adjustment, output power status display and other functions of the cleaning machine.


Method 2: The transducer vibrator is on fire and the ceramic material is broken. It can be checked with the naked eye and a megohm meter. Generally, as an emergency measure, individual damaged vibrators can be disconnected without affecting other vibrators normal use.


Method 3: Check the insulation resistance between the 2 and 3 feet to determine the basic situation. Usually, the insulation resistance is required to be greater than 30 megohms. If this insulation resistance value is not reached, usually the transducer is damp, you can put the transducer as a whole (excluding the sprayed plastic shell) into an oven and set it to about 100 ℃ for 3 hours or use a hair dryer to remove moisture to the resistance value. 


Method 4: Vibration surface perforation, usually after the full load of the transducer for a year, the vibration surface perforation may occur. This is due to the fatigue of the stainless steel plate on the vibrating surface for a long time. The perforation of the vibration surface indicates the energy conversion. The service life of the device has been reached and can only be replaced.


Method 5: Vibrator degumming. This situation does not occur under normal circumstances. The most effective way to avoid vibrator degumming is to pay attention not to hit the vibrating surface during normal use. If the output power of the ultrasonic power supply is normal after the vibrator is degummed, but the vibrator is not well connected to the vibrating surface, the vibration effect of the vibrating surface is not good, and the vibrator may be burned out after a long time. The treatment method of vibrator degumming is more troublesome, and usually it can only be sent back to the manufacturer for solution.

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