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company news about Failure Analysis of Ultrasonic Plastic Welding Machine

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Company News
Failure Analysis of Ultrasonic Plastic Welding Machine
Latest company news about Failure Analysis of Ultrasonic Plastic Welding Machine

Failure Analysis of Ultrasonic Plastic Welding Machine


1. Heating
The welding head will have a certain heating phenomenon when it is working, which is caused by the mechanical loss of the material itself and the heat conduction of the weldment. The standard of judging whether the welding hair heat of the ultrasonic plastic welding machine is normal is that when there is no load (that is, no contact with the workpiece), the ultrasonic wave should be continuously emitted for more than half an hour, and the temperature should not exceed 50-70℃. If the heat is severe, the welding head is damaged or the material is proved Failed and need to be replaced.

2. Howling
When whistling occurs when the welding head is working, the following reasons should be analyzed:
① Whether the installation screws are loose
② Whether the welding head has cracks
③ Whether the welding head is in contact with objects that should not be in contact.

3. Overload
When the generator sends out an overload alarm, it should be checked as follows:
① No-load test, if the working current is normal, the ultrasonic plastic welding machine may be that the welding head touches objects that should not be touched or the parameter adjustment between the welding head and the welding seat fails.
② When the no-load test is abnormal, first observe whether the welding head has cracks and whether the installation is firm, then remove the welding head and perform no-load test to rule out whether there is a problem with the transducer + horn, and eliminate it step by step. After eliminating the possibility of failure of the transducer + horn, replace the new welding head for judgment.
③ Sometimes the no-load test is normal but not working normally. It may be that the internal sound energy components such as the welding head have changed, resulting in poor sound energy transmission. Here is a relatively simple judgment method: hand touch method. The amplitude of the normal working welding head or horn surface is very uniform when working, and the hand feels velvety smooth. When the sound energy is not transmitted smoothly, there will be a feeling of bubbles or burrs on the hand. It is necessary to use the elimination method to eliminate the problematic parts. The same situation can occur when the generator is abnormal, because normally, the input waveform of the transducer should be detected as a smooth sine wave. This phenomenon can also occur when there are spikes or abnormal waveforms on the sine wave. At this time, another pruning acoustic energy component can be used to replace it for identification.

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