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company news about Failure analysis and treatment method of ultrasonic spot welding machine

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Company News
Failure analysis and treatment method of ultrasonic spot welding machine
Latest company news about Failure analysis and treatment method of ultrasonic spot welding machine

Failure analysis and treatment method of ultrasonic spot welding machine


1. Ultrasonic mold is hot
Ultrasonic molds have a certain degree of heat during work, which is caused by the loss of the mechanical equipment of the raw materials and the heat conduction of the welding parts. Is the welding head hot? When the standard is no load (that is, no contact with steel parts), continue to emit ultrasonic waves for about 30 minutes, and the temperature should not exceed 50-70℃. If the welding head is hot, confirm the welding head Damaged or unqualified raw materials must be replaced.


2. Ultrasonic mold noise
When there is noise when the ultrasonic mold is working, the following reasons should be resolved:
①Is the installation screw loose?
②Does the welding head cause cracks?
③Is the welding head in contact with inaccessible items?


3. The transducer of the ultrasonic spot welder displays the information load

When the generator sends out a load alarm, the inspection should be carried out according to the following process:

No-load detection, if the current is normal during work, it will be that the ultrasonic mold is in contact with inaccessible items or the main parameter adjustment between the welding head and the welding seat is abnormal.

When the no-load detection is abnormal, first observe whether the welding head is cracked and whether the installation is firm, then remove the welding head and carry out no-load inspection to remove whether the ultrasonic transducer + horn has problems, and carry out step by step. Clear. After removing the abnormal probability of the ultrasonic transducer + horn, the new ultrasonic mold is disassembled to distinguish.

Sometimes there will be situations where the no-load detection is normal, but everything is not working properly. There will be changes in the acoustic energy of the ultrasonic mold and other originals, causing the transmission of acoustic energy to be blocked. Here is a very simple way to distinguish: hand Touch method. All the welding heads or horns in normal work are very symmetrical when the surface layer of the horn is working. The hand feels silky like golden velvet. When the transmission of sound energy is blocked, it feels like shaking or shaking with the hand. At the same time, the enumeration method should be used to remove the not-so-good components.

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