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company news about Factors to be considered for ultrasonic molds

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Company News
Factors to be considered for ultrasonic molds
Latest company news about Factors to be considered for ultrasonic molds

Ultrasonic mold is also called ultrasonic welding head, ultrasonic horn. Some customers feel that the shape of the ultrasonic welding head is simple and can be designed and manufactured. But ultrasonic welding heads have a lot to pay attention to.


In the current introduction of the factors to be considered in the ultrasonic mold, a brief introduction to the three material characteristics of the aluminum-magnesium alloy will be briefly introduced.


一. Aluminum-magnesium alloy (7075T651, 2024T651, 6061T651)


1, 7075T651: used in vibration system and Horn manufacturing, the material has high mechanical yield strength, high hardness, strong thermal conductivity, is an ideal ultrasonic mold manufacturing material;


2, 2024T651: It is generally used in the manufacture of HORN. It has good enthalpy, strong thermal conductivity and moderate hardness. It is used in general plastic products.


3, 6061T651: Used in the production of HORN with lower output, it has good flexibility and soft quality.


Titanium alloy: It is used for continuous vibration, with high enthalpy, good heat transfer, high hardness and high cost.


二, domestic hard aluminum alloy: domestic material, used for ordinary aluminum processing, low heat conduction, high loss to ultrasonic plastic welding machine, low cost.


In the production of a pair of ultrasonic molds, we have to consider the following factors:


1. Product requirements: Determine the service life and wear rate of the mold, and thus decide which metal to use.

2. Shape of the product: What kind of welding process is used to set the size of the mold, the pressure transmission area, the deformation that may occur when the product is fused, and how much power and function is required. Whether it is possible to complete the work in one weld.

3, the plastic nature of the product: determine the working amplitude of the mold, that work should accept the ultrasonic energy, the form of the energy line, location, size. How to design contact positions when different plastic combinations

4, quality after-sales service.



Successful fusion depends on the following factors:


1. Product shape: Different shapes, wall thickness and plastic material determine the power and characteristics of the ultrasonic welding machine.


2. Design of the interface: Generally, the supplier of the ultrasonic welding machine provides advice. To achieve the best results, it must be based on different welding requirements, wall thickness, plastic, and professional design, especially in the development stage of injection molding. After many changes, the injection mold will reduce the life of the injection mold and cause deformation and burrs, which is very costly. Excellent suppliers can foresee difficulties and solutions when welding plastic parts. Providing excellent design can help you get the best results, saving time and cost associated with changing injection molds.


3, high-quality ultrasonic plastic welding machine: (workers must first sharpen their tools) high-quality machines that the machine has been designed mature, stable and durable, with standardized parts and can still replenish quality parts after many years.


4. Molds that can fully utilize the benefits of welding: Good molds can improve the efficiency of welding and make big things with small machines. Conversely, equipment damage can cause economic losses.


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