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company news about Equipment application and advantages of ultrasonic plastic spot welding machine

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Company News
Equipment application and advantages of ultrasonic plastic spot welding machine
Latest company news about Equipment application and advantages of ultrasonic plastic spot welding machine

Equipment application and advantages of ultrasonic plastic spot welding machine


Ultrasonic assembly is widely accepted and used in the automotive, medical, electrical and electronic, communications, electrical appliances, consumer goods, toys, textile and packaging industries. This is an economical process that can significantly increase production and reduce assembly costs. Ultrasonic welding machines can be easily integrated into automated manufacturing environments. The 100% electrical control of the latest equipment provides unprecedented repeatability, reliability and accuracy for the process.


Parts that have been ultrasonically welded do not need to be left in the fixture for curing, so they can be used in automated production lines immediately. Ultrasonic welding of plastics is an environmentally friendly process that consumes very little energy while producing cost-effective, permanent and clean welds. This process is used in electrical, computer, automotive, aerospace, medical and packaging industries, etc.


Equipment advantages
1. Very fast processing time
2. Repeatable welding
3. Energy saving and environmental protection technology
4. Low welding energy consumption
5. No need for additional soldering solvents and fillers
6. Cold welding tools, no machine warm-up time
7. Do not damage the workpiece when the machine is stopped
8. The welding material is not damaged or folded
9. Quick and easy replacement of welding tools


Equipment composition

Ultrasonic spot welding machine is composed of ultrasonic transducer, horn, welding tool head and electric box. The electric box can transfer electric energy to the ultrasonic transducer. Ultrasonic transducer is a vibration source. The inside of the transducer is a piezoelectric ceramic sheet clamped on a metal plate, which can convert the electric energy transmitted by the electric box into ultrasonic vibration.

Since the transducer sometimes cannot generate enough vibration to reach the melting temperature of most thermoplastic resins, an horn is used to amplify the input vibration to the ratio required for the welding process. The welding head transfers the energy in the vibration to the thermoplastic workpiece. The welding tool head is designed to match the contour of a specific workpiece. It attenuates the vibration to a specific value and applies the force required to make the process work.

Suitable materials for welding

Ultrasonic welding is suitable for thermoplastics rather than thermoset polymers. Most thermoplastics have an amorphous structure with a certain degree of crystallinity, which means that certain areas have an ordered structure. Thermoplastics soften in a wide temperature range and have a glass transition temperature. Thermosetting polymers are crystalline and have a distinct melting point. The crystalline polymer will remain solid until it reaches its melting point and then immediately melts. This characteristic is very unsuitable for ultrasonic welding.

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