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company news about Debugging Method Of Ultrasonic Plastic Welding Machine

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Company News
Debugging Method Of Ultrasonic Plastic Welding Machine
Latest company news about Debugging Method Of Ultrasonic Plastic Welding Machine

Ultrasonic plastic welding machines are widely used in major factories for their safety, speed, and low cost. In normal operation, reasonable installation and debugging are of great help to the performance and use of this piece.


The following parameters can be adjusted on the general ultrasonic plastic welding machine:


A: The tuning knob on the ultrasonic generator: This is the most critical adjustment knob of the ultrasonic welder. The adjustment purpose is to make the frequency of the high-voltage electrical signal emitted by the ultrasonic generator consistent with the mechanical resonance frequency of the transducer part. The method is to lightly touch the test switch and arm the knobs on the left and right sides to minimize the current indicated by the load to complete the tuning step.


B: Amplitude range: This knob does not have this knob on some models. Its function is to achieve high-speed output amplitude by adjusting the output voltage of the generator.


C: Pneumatic part: including speed governor and air pressure adjustment knob. The governor is used to adjust the up and down speed of the cylinder. The air pressure adjustment knob adjusts the working air pressure.


D: Welding time: It is used to adjust the time of ultrasonic emission. Generally, the welding time of plastic parts is less than 0.6S. Usually, the welding time of more than 1.5S can be regarded as a failed welding (it can be regarded as insufficient amplitude or unreasonable design).


E: Holding pressure time: The holding pressure time is equivalent to the curing time after processing the plastic part. Generally, if the fixing position of the plastic part is set well, this time does not need to be considered. If there are springs and other parts inside the plastic part, the time should be adjusted accordingly long.


F: Trigger adjustment: There are two ways to trigger adjustment, one is delay trigger. This kind of adjustment is generally indicated as DELAY TIME. It refers to the time from when the machine is triggered to when the ultrasonic wave is emitted. Through adjustment, the ultrasonic wave can be transmitted first and then welded, or the plastic part can be pressed before the ultrasonic wave is triggered. The other is pressure trigger. This trigger method is commonly used in ultrasonic welding machines in the form of BRANSON 8400 and 8700 in the United States. The principle is to adjust the force of pressing plastic parts to trigger ultrasonic waves. For larger plastic parts, in order to prevent the failure of starting vibration, it is often used to trigger the ultrasonic wave before welding, or use a smaller trigger force.


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