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company news about Classification of ultrasonic metal welding

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Company News
Classification of ultrasonic metal welding
Latest company news about Classification of ultrasonic metal welding

The most commonly used are spot welding and seam welding.

① Spot welding

Spot welding can be divided into two types, single-sided and double-sided, as shown in Figure 1-1. When ultrasonic vibration energy is introduced only through the upper sonotrode, it is single-sided spot welding (a); when it is introduced from the upper and lower sonotrode, respectively, it is double-sided spot welding (b). Currently the most widely used is single-sided lead-in spot welding.




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Fig.1-1 Schematic diagram of ultrasonic spot welding

1-stress 2- top acoustics tool 3-welding workpiece 4- lower acoustics tool

② seam welding

Ultrasonic waves are transmitted to the workpiece through a disc-shaped sound pole that rotates and forms a continuous weld with a seal. The vibration system can be divided into longitudinal vibration, bending vibration and torsion according to the vibration state of the disc-shaped sound pole.

Three kinds of vibration. The first two are more commonly used, as shown in Figure 1-2. The vibration direction of the disc-shaped sonotrode is perpendicular to the welding direction.



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Fig.1-2 Schematic diagram of ultrasonic seam welding vibration system

1- top acoustics tool 2-horn 3-transduce 4-welding workpiece 5- lower acoustics tool

D- vibration direction I~-ultrasonic vibration current



③Girth welding

The ring-shaped welding method can be used to form closed welding seams at one time. The workpiece to be welded is clamped between the ring upper and lower sound poles, and the static pressure is applied to the workpiece in the axial direction.

Girth welding uses a torsional vibration system. Due to the large area of ​​the one-time welding seam in the girth welding and the need for a large power input, the inverse synchronous driving method of multiple transducers is often used. The vibrating rod is driven by two tangential inputs with a phase difference of 180 °, which pushes and pulls to generate torsional vibration. So this soldering method is very suitable for the packaging of microelectronic devices.

④ wire bonding

Wire welding can be regarded as an extension of the spot welding method. It is most suitable to use a linear upper sonotrode or to superimpose multiple spot welding sonotrodes together to form a straight welding seam in a welding cycle For those weldments that require a linear seal.

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