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company news about Can Tinned Copper Wire Be Ultrasonically Welded?

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Company News
Can Tinned Copper Wire Be Ultrasonically Welded?
Latest company news about Can Tinned Copper Wire Be Ultrasonically Welded?

Can Tinned Copper Wire Be Ultrasonically Welded?


Since the beginning of the year, our company has received many calls to inquire about the welding of tinned copper wires by ultrasonic metal welding machines. Some friends know that tinned copper wires can be directly welded with ultrasonic welding machines, and some are not sure whether tinned copper wires are not. Ultrasonic welding is possible. In this article, ALtrasonic Technology clearly tells friends that tinned copper wire can be ultrasonically welded.


As we all know, due to the material problem, tin becomes liquid when it encounters high temperature, and cannot be welded with ultrasonic waves. After the copper wire is tinned, the material of the copper wire will become harder and more brittle. The welding principle of our ultrasonic metal welding machine is to use high-frequency vibration waves to transmit to the two metal surfaces to be welded. Under the condition of pressure, the two metal surfaces are rubbed against each other to form fusion between the molecular layers. In this process, there will definitely be a certain temperature locally, which will also melt the tin, which may also cause the problem of disconnection. These are some friends who are very worried. Also the origin of this problem. Ultrasonic welding machines will cause certain problems when welding tinned copper wires, but for tinned copper wires, these tins have little effect, and wire breakage is basically zero for good equipment. At the same time, if friends are interested in the welding process, you can also watch the metal welding video on our YouTube channel.


ALtrasonic Technologu is a professional manufacturer of ultrasonic metal welding machines. The equipment produced by the company can not only weld tinned copper wires, but also weld tinned copper wires and bare copper wires together. If you need detailed welding parameters, you can call for consultation. The company's products have been exported to foreign customers for many times with stable performance.

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