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company news about Barbecue at Xinsha Island in May

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The converters corresponding to your INVOICE NO. HS2015021 work very well. We would like to order more

—— Peter

I'm very happy with your good communication skills as well as follow up and good deal. I will definitely inform you my further program for further coo

—— Vinay

We tested it and it worked.  I will let you know about future purchases soon.

—— Alvin

Thank you! It is a pleasure, to work with a company that wants to make it right for the customer :) many times i deal with Chinese companies that do not care about the customer and long term business. I think I made the right decision going with you and Altrasonic !!!

—— Cameron

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Company News
Barbecue at Xinsha Island in May
Latest company news about Barbecue at Xinsha Island in May

Barbecue at Xinsha Island in May


Life is not only about the present, but also poetry and distant play; work is not only the two lines of company and home, but also colorful team building activities.

In May, the barbecue starts


The smooth development of a barbecue is indispensable for those who are diligent and busy behind the scenes. Participating personnel’s registration, step-by-step negotiations at the event venue, the purchase, handling, cleaning and distribution of food materials, and the recording of wonderful images...Colleagues in each department always have the power to remain calm and serve all employees of the company Provide the most intimate service.

Everything is ready, just wait for the friends to be in place, the expectant spring barbecue, let's go!

The meat skewers are in place, and the grilling god prepares

There is nothing in the world that can’t be solved by a barbecue. If so, let’s have two meals, three meals and four meals~

From fresh and juicy beef and mutton, tender chicken wings on the outside, Q-bomb sizzling squid and other seafood meats, to soft and tasty eggplant, crispy beans, potato chips, enoki mushrooms and other vegetarian food, such a rich variety Have everything you need, eat as much as you want, lick as much as you want, wishing to borrow five more stomachs from the sky. Paired with beer and beverages, the refreshing satisfaction is even more "emerged".


Fireworks Time | "A String of Your and My Life"

Barbecue has an irresistible charm, just like what is said in "A String of Life": "When you tear off the last stubborn tendons and instigate the oil stars on your fingers. What you gnaw off is the pressure of life, and what you get is a Happy all night."

There was a joyous atmosphere in the air. Everyone ate the food cooked by themselves, sat around the grill, and chatted about various interesting things they encountered in work and life.

Feelings heat up in a skewer, two brushes and three roasts, and they are closer to each other in the food. At this time, let go of all the worries and fatigue, have a good chat, laugh, and have fun.


Barbecue to warm the stomach, blessings to warm the heart

Every time I take a break, it is for a better set sail. This barbecue party is not only a baptism of the body and mind, let us wash away fatigue and reap joy; it is also a growth of the team, which allows us to enhance understanding and communication in exchanges. In the days to come, we will also go hand in hand, devote ourselves to the next stage of work with a fuller spirit, and strive for our common cause!

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