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company news about Application of welding technology and equipment in the automotive industry

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Company News
Application of welding technology and equipment in the automotive industry
Latest company news about Application of welding technology and equipment in the automotive industry

1. Automatic welding technology

In the automobile manufacturing industry, spot welding and arc welding are mainly used. In recent years, industrial robots have been popularized and applied in the automotive industry, but manual welding still occupies a dominant position in welding operations. The drawback of manual welding is that it is difficult to maintain the stability and consistency of welding work. The working state of the welding robot is stable and can maintain the welding quality. Robotics, as a typical representative and main technical means of advanced manufacturing technology, plays a significant role in improving the technological level of enterprises, stabilizing product quality, improving production efficiency, and achieving civilized production. Industrial robots, as the main automation equipment of modern manufacturing, have been widely used in automobiles, motorcycles, engineering machinery, electronic information, home appliances, chemical industries and other industries. They are mainly used to complete complex welding, assembly, handling, processing, spraying and palletizing. operation.


2. Arc welding technology

In the automotive industry, in addition to resistance welding, the other main welding method is arc welding. The arc welding technology in the truck manufacturing industry has basically realized the CO2 welding method, and the traditional arc welding has been basically banned. In car companies, MIG / MAG welding methods have been widely used. Arc welding technology has developed from the original rotary DC welding machine to diode rectifier welding machine, thyristor (triac) rectification welding machine, transistor rectification welding machine, inverter welding machine; to the current all-digital inverter welding machine machine. At present, the welding machines with independent intellectual property rights in China are only thyristor (triac) rectifier welding machines and inverter welding machines with simple functions. The all-digital inverter welding machine, double-wire pulse technology, and technology with CMT functions are in the hands of foreign manufacturers. Although these technologies and equipment are good, due to the high cost, it will take some time for application and promotion.


3. Intermediate frequency welding technology

The intermediate frequency inverter DC welding machine converts AC (50 Hz) AC to IF (thousands of Hz) DC output. The time resolution is higher than the power frequency, the control accuracy is high, and the output current is not affected by changes in the secondary output circuit. High thermal efficiency, high output power and better welding quality. Compared with the disadvantages of high power consumption, unstable welding joints, large welding spatter, and relatively poor welding quality of traditional power frequency welding machines, intermediate frequency welding machines have good welding quality, high control accuracy, high welding speed, and significant energy saving effects.

The equipment has relatively small volume and dead weight, can widely spot weld dissimilar metals, and has excellent characteristics such as energy saving and environmental protection.


4. Laser welding technology

Laser welding is considered one of the most promising manufacturing technologies in the 21st century. Laser welding is the use of laser beams generated by laser excitation, through the focusing system and focus on the joints of the weldment, convert light energy into thermal energy, and melt the metal to form a joint. Compared with traditional spot welding, laser welding has unparalleled advantages in terms of welding accuracy, efficiency, reliability, automation, light weight, and cost reduction.



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