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company news about Application Of Ultrasonic Welding In The Automotive Industry

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Company News
Application Of Ultrasonic Welding In The Automotive Industry
Latest company news about Application Of Ultrasonic Welding In The Automotive Industry

Ultrasonic welding auto parts process


There are more and more plastic parts and interior parts in auto parts, which requires plastic welding technology. Because of the complexity of plastic materials and the non-standard of auto parts, it is decided that automotive plastic parts require a variety of plastic welding processes, in which ultrasonic welding, hot plate welding, and laser welding are widely used. In the automotive industry, welding is a key link in the manufacture of automotive parts and bodywork. It plays a special role in connecting the upper and lower. At the same time, there are many models of automobile products, complex forming structures, specialized parts production, standardization, and quality of automobile manufacturing. The comprehensive requirements of efficiency and cost have determined that automotive welding processing is a multidisciplinary, cross-disciplinary and technologically integrated production process. The quality of plastic welding determines the quality of the entire vehicle!


Application of ultrasonic technology in auto parts


Ultrasonic plastic welding: taillights, rearview mirrors, buckles, filters, shunts, plastic case and watch case, air filter cover, fan blades, signs, fuse cover, airbag bracket, push button switch, bearing retention Frame, front wall insulation pad, car sun visor, interior pendants, etc.


Ultrasonic plastic spot welding


Automotive interior parts, PP soundproof cotton, plastic columns, non-woven soundproof felt, car door panels, electrical components riveting, car dashboard, car logo, folder positioning, bumper, manual gear sheath, car inner panel, car Felt mats, car mats, instrument panels, car trim panels, auto parts, etc.


Ultrasonic non-standard welding


Most of them are welding large and complex work, using a multi-head design to weld from different directions. For automotive door panels, car dashboards, car bumpers, automotive parts riveting, car logos, car profile covers, car rear partitions, car coat racks, car front covers, car headlights, automotive interior panels.


Ultrasonic plastic welding technology


Ultrasonic is suitable for welding ABS, acrylic, polycarbonate, nylon, cellulose acetate, etc. Welding of polyethylene and polypropylene has encountered some problems, and usually they require high energy. Regardless of the material, it must be dry because the presence of moisture can weaken the joint strength. Ultrasonic welding is fast (typical welding time is from 015 to 115 s) and is easy to automate, making it ideal for high volume production. Applications for ultrasonic welding in the automotive industry include: instrument panels, motor housings, bearing cages, lampshades, (cab) glove boxes, lenses, filters, valves, air commutators (shunts), airflow detectors, and more.

Non-standard ultrasonic welding is suitable for welding large and complex workpieces. Since large and complex workpieces contain welded joints in different directions, multiple positions need to be welded at the same time. Standard models are not suitable for special machines, such as automobile dashboards, door panels, and insurance. Bar and so on. However, non-standard ultrasonic welding equipment can only produce one large and complex part at a time, and it is not very common at present.


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