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company news about Application fields of ultrasonic transducers

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Company News
Application fields of ultrasonic transducers
Latest company news about Application fields of ultrasonic transducers

I. Ultrasonic welding


With the rapid development of welding technology, there are various welding methods at present, and people have higher and higher welding requirements. The pursuit of a fast, non-toxic, strong and convenient welding method, while traditional welding is used in plastic There are many shortcomings in the metal metal process. Plastic products have entered every corner of life. The traditional method for plastic welding is mainly to connect the components by thermal fusion. In this way, the welding method is highly toxic and low in efficiency, and at the same time, it generates certain additives to pollute the environment. Arc welding is a commonly used method for metal welding, but for special applications such as welding of electronic devices, the common welding method of wire mutual melting has not been able to meet the requirements, and problems such as low efficiency, strong toxicity, and environmental damage have been restricted. The development of traditional welding technology. Therefore, the ultrasonic welding technology mainly converts electrical energy into high-frequency mechanical vibration through the transducer, which promotes the high-frequency movement of the welding tool grinding tool, and the welding workpiece is placed on the surface of the grinding tool and comes into contact. Vibration causes local high-temperature transients in the welding zone. At the same time, a certain pressure is applied, the ultrasound is turned off, and after a few seconds, the welding workpieces can be solidified together, thus the effect of air knife welding. Ultrasonic welding has the advantages of no pollution, fast speed, no sparks, high welding strength, and safety. It has been widely used in industry.


Second, ultrasonic cleaning


Traditional cleaning methods: dipping, brushing, pressure rinsing, chemical cleaning, steam cleaning, and ultrasonic cleaning technology can be used for air knife cleaning as long as the space where the ultrasonic cavitation bubble can enter. For places that cannot be cleaned by hand such as deep holes, fine slits and other hidden locations, ultrasonic cleaning can achieve a better effect. For some process cleaning, the chemical supplies required for traditional cleaning are avoided, and environmental pollution is avoided. Since ultrasonic cleaning is used to open the cleaning device through cavitation, a lot of manual labor can be reduced, and work efficiency can be improved.


Third, the ultrasonic motor


Ultrasonic motors use the inverse piezoelectric effect of piezoelectric crystals to convert electrical energy into mechanical energy, and place the stator in a mechanical resonance state of ultrasonic frequency, and then rely on the friction between stator and rotor to drive the rotor to rotate. Traditional electromagnetic motors are difficult to meet applications in fields such as precision instruments, aerospace, biomedicine, and artificial satellites due to electromagnetic interference and limitations in quality and volume. Ultrasonic motors use the inverse piezoelectric effect of piezoelectric materials to make them elastic. The body generates vibration in the ultrasonic frequency band, and obtains the running torque through friction between the stator and the rotor. It has the advantages of small size, light weight, compact structure, fast response, low noise, no electromagnetic interference, and self-locking after power failure. Quickly and increasingly widely used.

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