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company news about Application and advantages of ultrasonic cutting knife

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Company News
Application and advantages of ultrasonic cutting knife
Latest company news about Application and advantages of ultrasonic cutting knife

Application range of ultrasonic cutting knife:
Raw rubber slitting, pipe cutting, frozen meat cutting, candy cutting, chocolate cutting cutting, printed circuit board cutting, industrial cutting, jewelry industry cutting, plastic product cutting processing, food processing, printing industry cutting, automotive industry natural fiber cutting (can be Divide thin lines), synthetic fiber deep excavation (multi-layer circuit cutting), plastic shell cutting processing, thin synthetic resin including paint processing, paper cutting, bottom film cutting, etc. Semi-steel tire cutting, radial tire cutting, inner liner cutting, sidewall cutting. Moreover, the use of the ultrasonic cutting machine can be expanded, such as digging holes, shoveling, scraping paint, carving, slitting and so on.


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The advantages of ultrasonic cutting knife:
1. Wide range: all kinds of textile materials can be ultrasonic cut. For example, natural fibers, synthetic fibers, woven fabrics, non-woven fabrics and knitted fabrics including aromatic polyphthalamide fibers, carbon fibers and glass fibers can all be ultrasonically cut.
2. No pollution: When ultrasonic cutting, the equipment is only heated to about 50 ℃, no smoke, dust and odor will be produced, and the danger of injury and fire during cutting is also eliminated.
3. High reliability: When the ultrasonic generator is working, it will produce electromagnetic vibration of 20-40KHZ, and it will be converted into mechanical vibration through piezoelectric ceramics. This oscillation is transmitted to the ultrasonic cutting knife and the material to be cut, and generates heat from the inside, and then mechanically divides the material. Contrary to high-temperature cutting, ultrasonic uses mainly mechanical energy instead of thermal energy, which has less wear on the ultrasonic cutting knife.
4. The cutting is neat: the cutting edge is very neat, and the warp and weft of the fabric will not shift or fall out. It can cut cotton and viscose fabrics at speeds up to 10 m/min on stenters and cylindrical fabric slitting machines. When non-thermoplastic materials are cut, the edges of the fibers will be fused after processing or entering the ultrasonic working area.
5. Traditional comparison: Compared with cold cutting, when the thermoplastic material is cut with ultrasonic cutting, the edges of the cut will fuse together. Compared with thermal cutting, the use of ultrasonic cutting can make the edge of the cut fabric very soft, and avoid the occurrence of melt shrinkage and excessive edge thickening. Since the ultrasonic is heated from the inside of the fabric instead of from the outside, it will not make the fabric yellow.

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