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company news about Application and Advantage of Ultrasonic Hand-Held Welding in Life

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Company News
Application and Advantage of Ultrasonic Hand-Held Welding in Life
Latest company news about Application and Advantage of Ultrasonic Hand-Held Welding in Life

Application and Advantage of Ultrasonic Hand-Held Welding in Life



The handheld ultrasonic plastic welding machine can be used for welding, riveting and inlaying and crimping between metal and plastic parts of thermoplastic products. It has completely replaced the processing technology of organic chemical flux paste, with low energy consumption, high efficiency, not easy to deformation, zero emission, stable welding, convenient operation and other advantage.


Application Field:

Especially suitable for thermoplastic thin material welding processing Suitable material: synthetic chemical woven fabric, with woven blended fabrics such as T/C6533 flat woven fabric, knitted fabric, nylon fabric, Tedoron cloth, non-woven fabric, gold shallot cloth, artificial leather, PU, satin cloth, PS, PVC, PE+ paper, TR and various plastic film coating or lamination woven fabric. Spot welding, pressure welding, riveting, marking, sealing, clothing, shoemaking, handicrafts, bags and handbags, all kinds of greeting cards, ornaments, glass products, embroidery, printing hot drilling, point by point riveting welding forming, especially suitable for car bumper, instrument panel, car door and other auto parts of the riveting welding forming process.

Obvious Advantages:

Linggao ultrasonic handheld spot welding machine, also known as ultrasonic plastic spot welding machine, the machine is light and sensitive, convenient to carry, beautiful appearance, energy saving and environmental protection.

1. Ultrasonic spot welding machine is used for riveting, cutting, stitching, welding edge of plastic products.

2. Optimize the defects of the hot welding machine, such as yellowing, burning edge and too thick. Powerful power output, convenient operation; With automatic protection circuit, safe use, stable and reliable working process.

3. Selection of high-quality components assembly, the whole machine design light volume, portable, easy to move, reliable performance indicators, easy to use.

4. The main components are imported piezoelectric ceramic transducers from Europe and Japan, with strong output, stable welding quality, reliable performance indicators, low failure rate and maintenance-free.

5. Eliminate the pinhole phenomenon caused by traditional sewing.

6. Choose vibration friction or cutting, no smoke, no burnt taste, eliminate high frequency radiation, heat machine risk factors and environmental pollution.

7. Start production and processing, no need to preheat, simple operation, sustainable production and processing faster, high efficiency, low labor cost.

8. Ultrasonic transducer output super strong, high efficiency, ultrasonic mold temperature is low, the machine quality is stable.

Other Applications:

Ultrasonic waves can not only be used for hard thermoplastics, but also for welding metals, and can also produce processed fabrics and plastic films. The handheld ultrasonic plastic welding machine can be changed to different ultrasonic welding head molds according to the riveting point size and welding requirements of the workpiece to be welded, which is fast and easy, and the cost is much lower than that of the special automobile door panel ultrasonic plastic welding machine, meeting the various needs of customers.

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