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company news about Advantages of ultrasonic welding technology in food packaging applications

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Company News
Advantages of ultrasonic welding technology in food packaging applications
Latest company news about Advantages of ultrasonic welding technology in food packaging applications

Advantages of ultrasonic welding technology in food packaging applications


Nowadays, packaging is becoming more and more important in the food, beverage, retail and pharmaceutical industries. A good packaging can not only protect the product from damage and increase the storage time, but also in front of consumers, a better packaging appearance can attract attention faster. Therefore, the quality of packaging is very important for consumers to evaluate the value of goods.


Traditionally, high-temperature packaging is the most commonly used packaging method for packaging products due to its low investment cost and easy-to-master mature technology. However, with the development of technology, ultrasonic technology is more popular with producers than traditional heating methods due to its advantages in quality, and has been widely used in the market in recent years.


Ultrasonic plastic welding equipment is mainly composed of ultrasonic generator, transducer vibration system, pressurizing system and workbench (lower acoustic pole), including frequency automatic tracking system, amplitude control system and time control system. The basic principle of ultrasonic technology in the packaging industry is to pass vibration energy through an acoustic tool. Ultrasonic waves directly transmit longitudinal vibration from the tool head to the contact surface of the thermoplastic, generating tens of thousands of high-frequency vibrations per second. Due to the two welding contact surfaces That is, the acoustic resistance of the welding area is large, which will generate a local high temperature, and because the thermal conductivity of the plastic is relatively poor, the heat is not easy to dissipate and gather in the welding area, causing the plastic to melt. In this way, under the continuous contact pressure, the contact surface of the weldment melts into one body, so as to achieve the purpose of welding. In the process of melting the material, there is no need to use expensive and easily polluted auxiliary products, such as adhesives, nails or adhesives, which brings many benefits to the quality assurance of the packaging industry.


The advantages of ultrasonic welding technology in food packaging applications are as follows:


1. Strong junction area
The firmness of the seam is the same as the original material, which can better protect the product, and the sealing is good. Don't worry about leakage and preservation issues. Typical applications are welding nozzles for milk and juice packaging.


2. No need to preheat and maintain a constant temperature
Ultrasonic welding does not generate excess heat, which is especially important in food packaging. This means that it will not affect the temperature-sensitive products inside the package, such as food and beverages. This helps to better preserve food. Typical applications are packaging bags.

3. Seal welding can be carried out through pollution (such as liquid, grease, powder, etc.) without affecting the welding effect. At this time, the high-temperature packaging method cannot do. Typical applications are hose packaging.

4. The combination of materials will not produce pollutants. The products inside will not be contaminated. In addition, the processed food packaging products are environmentally friendly and renewable, and the processing process does not need to use expensive and easily polluting auxiliary products, the operating cost is very low, and a lot of heat energy is saved.

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