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Company News
About The Ultrasonic Generator
Latest company news about About The Ultrasonic Generator

About The Ultrasonic Generator


Ultrasonic technology has a wide range of applications in the industrial field, and its core component, the ultrasonic generator, that is, the ultrasonic power supply technology, has also been developed for several generations. From the initial tube oscillation circuit—semiconductor electronic oscillator—to the current intelligent digital circuit ultrasonic generator, the ultrasonic oscillation circuit is more and more advanced, reliable and intelligent.


The basic principle of ultrasonic generator:

Ultrasonic generator, also known as ultrasonic power supply, ultrasonic sound generator, ultrasonic electric box. At present, the ultrasonic industry generally uses two types of ultrasonic generators, self-excited oscillation push-pull type and other excitation oscillation half-bridge type. The power tolerance is insufficient, so ultrasonic failure is prone to occur. In addition, the vibration system of ultrasonic welding has high requirements on the resonance frequency, and the frequency band of the circuit is relatively narrow. The vibration system will generate serious heat during long-term operation, the system frequency will shift accordingly, the output efficiency will drop, and serious damage will occur. oscillating line.


Ultrasonic generator use:

Ultrasonic generators have been widely used in plastic welding, ultrasonic vibrating nozzles, continuous welding of woven fabrics and non-woven fabrics, slitting, edge sealing, shearing, and edge sealing of plastic films. Control the time when the ultrasonic wave is emitted as needed; it can be used to trigger the operation, or it can be installed on the automatic production line to realize the automatic production operation.


Advantages of ultrasonic generators:

1. The ultrasonic generator can monitor the operating frequency and power of the high-power ultrasonic system.


2. Various parameters can be adjusted in real time according to different requirements of users: such as power, amplitude, running time, etc.

Frequency fine-tuning: Adjust the frequency so that the ultrasonic transducer always works in the best state, the efficiency reaches the maximum, and the adjustment range is 2%.


Automatic frequency tracking: Once the device has completed the initial setup, it can operate continuously without the need to adjust the generator.


Amplitude control: When the load changes during the working process of the transducer, the driving characteristics can be automatically adjusted to ensure a stable amplitude of the tool head.


System protection: When the system works in an unsuitable operating environment, the generator will stop working and display an alarm to protect the equipment from damage.


Amplitude adjustment: the amplitude can be increased or decreased instantaneously during the working process, the setting range of the amplitude: 0%~100%.


Automatic frequency search: The working frequency of the tool head can be automatically determined and stored.

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