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company news about Why is the ultrasonic system of the mask machine easy to break?

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Company News
Why is the ultrasonic system of the mask machine easy to break?
Latest company news about Why is the ultrasonic system of the mask machine easy to break?

    The ultrasonic system of the mask machine includes: generator, vibrator (transducer + amplitude modulator), mold, flange, etc.

Ultrasonic generator is divided into automatic frequency tracking circuit and manual frequency modulation circuit. Experienced tuners can choose manual frequency modulation generator, which is more stable and less susceptible to interference. If you are inexperienced, you can choose an automatic frequency tracking generator. You do not need to adjust the frequency, but you are susceptible to frequency changes, causing some abnormalities and reporting problems.


  The selection of the transducer is very important. Be sure to choose a professional manufacturer of transducers or a transducer supported by a professional ultrasonic equipment manufacturer. The transducer is a very demanding accessory, not a simple lock screw. Working, which involves structural mechanics, acoustics, frequency, amplitude, impedance, capacitance, etc., each transducer needs to undergo long-term testing to improve aging, according to the actual working conditions change, the final shape, This process can be as short as several months and as long as more than one year. (Recently, due to the shortage of transducers, many unprofessional transducers have flowed into the market, causing large-area mask equipment to fail). Therefore, you must pay attention to the selection of transducers!


  The last is the steel mold, because the mask machine has a long working time and high strength. When selecting the steel mold, pay attention: choose the steel mold produced by the ultrasonic manufacturer, because the ultrasonic mold involves frequency, material, structural design, heat treatment process and other factors, such as pictures As shown, the same 110 * 20 steel mold, different materials and processing technology, the test of no-load current is better at 70-80 watts, and some reach 100-110 watts. Under the same working conditions, the empty The smaller the load current, the less likely the mold will heat up, the more durable it is, and the lower the loss on the transducer and generator.


    Note on tuning: first test the system frequency to see if the frequency is within the range of use, the second test system is whether the no-load current is within the qualified range, if the no-load current is too large, you need to check the transducer or mold There is no abnormality, if the mold no-load current is too large, (refer to the requirements of the generator, the general low-power model is within 0.4 amperes, the high power is within 0.8 amperes,) normal detection can adjust other mechanisms of the body mask machine, through the roller Pressure, speed and other conditions to meet production requirements.



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