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company news about What Effect Does Pressure And Time Have On Metal Welding Machines?

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Company News
What Effect Does Pressure And Time Have On Metal Welding Machines?
Latest company news about What Effect Does Pressure And Time Have On Metal Welding Machines?

Metal welding machines generally have a welding temperature of 200-235 degrees Celsius. Depending on the ambient temperature and the grade of the pipe, the welding temperature is also different. At an ambient temperature of about 200 degrees Celsius, the pipe grades are PE63 and PE80. The recommended welding temperature of the metal welding machine is 215 degrees Celsius, the pipe grade is PE100, and the recommended welding temperature of the metal welding machine is 225 degrees Celsius. Use the principle of heating and melting welding to accurately control the temperature change, and cooperate with the mechanical device to achieve product welding. It is especially suitable for products that are difficult to weld and have irregular shapes. It is used for embedded nuts and riveting. Applications Computers, telephones, car lights, outdoor refrigerators, door panels, vacuum cleaners, washing machine balance diagrams, hole balls, CD boxes, rhythm dance pedals, watertight and airtight, high-strength metal welding products.


The welding effect of metal welding machine is affected by welding pressure and time. The welding pressure and time of the metal welding machine are mainly affected by the following factors. The total pressure during welding, the specified welding pressure, the drag pressure of the metal welding machine, the time of crimping welding, the heat absorption time required for welding, the thickness of the pipe, the welding pressure, and the cooling time of the welding machine. Heat absorption time: The heat absorption time of the welding machine will be determined by the specifications of the welding material, the wall thickness, and the surrounding environment during welding. Cooling time: The cooling time of the machine after use should be processed according to the time on the operating instructions of the hot melt machine, and different cooling times should be set according to different welding materials.


Metal welding machine is divided into ultrasonic metal welding machine, large metal welding machine, medium metal welding machine, small metal welding machine and other metal welding products. The fixed displacement of the end cover of the filter element and the heater is driven by the cylinder, so that the two ends of the filter element and the surface of the heated part of the end cover are in contact with the heating surface of the heater to melt the surface, and then the heated surface is quickly bonded and solidified Form one. These moving parts include filter element feeding mechanism, end cap clamping manipulator, heater lifting mechanism, pressing device, etc. These mechanisms are designed and combined to form a complete machine. The mechanisms are all driven by air cylinders.

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