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company news about What are the common welding methods for plastic toys?

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Company News
What are the common welding methods for plastic toys?
Latest company news about What are the common welding methods for plastic toys?

When it comes to plastic, everyone is familiar with it. From children's toys to instrument containers, from computer casings to car parts, from toothbrushing tubes to airplane parts, plastic products can be seen everywhere in our lives.

The English name of plastic "plastic" comes from the Greek word "plastikos", which means "formed", "formable", and "plasticity". It is often used as an adjective, resulting in the word "plastic". The original meaning of the Chinese character "Plastic" means "to use soil to squeeze the human figure", "plasticity" is extended to mean "freely shaped", and "plastic" is a material with plasticity.

Injection molding is the most commonly used method in plastic processing. This method is suitable for all thermoplastics and some thermosetting plastics, and the number of plastic products manufactured is not as good as other molding methods. As one of the main tools of injection molding processing, injection molds have a low level of quality accuracy, manufacturing cycle and production efficiency in the injection molding process. While directly affecting product quality, output, cost and product updates, it also determines the company’s Response ability and speed in market competition.

In the production process, plastics that pass through different injection molds are often welded. So, what are the welding methods for plastic toys?

1. Hot plate welding

Plastic toy hot plate welding machine features: simple, suitable for welding large areas of plastic. Use an electric heating plate to quickly soften the two sides that need to be welded. After unplugging the electric heating plate, use pressure to fuse the plastics on both sides and cool to complete the welding. Disadvantages: The cycle is long, the plastic is easy to stick to the heating plate, it is difficult to clean, and the pollution is large.


2. Hot air welding

Features: Lightweight, but difficult to operate. The hot air melts the welding wire of the same material at the welding seam to complete the welding.


3.Pulse welding

Crimping two films, using Ni-Cr alloy wire to generate instant heat to complete the welding

4. The frictional heat generated during the whole friction process of the two parts of the friction welding welding under the working pressure makes the plastic that touches a part of it melts and softens, and the alignment is fixed until it is solidified and firm.

5.Ultrasonic welding

The ultrasonic toy welding machine uses high-frequency mechanical energy to soften or melt the thermoplastic at the joint.

When the connected part is fixed by pressure, and the frequency is usually 20-40 kHz ultrasonic vibration, the transducer converts the high-power vibration signal into the corresponding mechanical energy. If the contact interface of the necessary welded plastic part is added, the welding part When the joints of the sintered parts are intensely rubbed, high heat is generated and the molecules alternately fuse to obtain the welding effect.

The ultrasonic welding process is fast, the welding time is less than 1 second, and the automation is easy. The use of automatic ultrasonic welding by plastic toy manufacturers can improve production efficiency and help enterprises transform and upgrade.

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