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company news about Ultrasonic mold debugging

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Company News
Ultrasonic mold debugging
Latest company news about Ultrasonic mold debugging

Ultrasonic welding machine installation mold first check the machine's circuit and gas path, turn on the machine's power and air pressure, clean the mold and ultrasonic transducer contact surface, install ultrasonic mold (welding head) and lock, debug ultrasonic mold (welding head) and the frequency of the ultrasonic welding machine are tuned and matched to debug the level of the ultrasonic upper and lower molds.

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Ultrasonic mold debugging method:


1. Preparation before mode adjustment

First open the working pressure source of the ultrasonic welding equipment to ensure that the mechanical pressure gauge is working properly.

2. Install ultrasonic mold

Use the ultrasonic mold head wrench to install the ultrasonic mold, clockwise loose, remember to tighten.

3. Sound detection

Connect the power of ultrasonic equipment, press and hold the button of acoustic wave detection on the controller, and when you hear the mechanical ultrasonic sound, it should be clear and clear, without hoarse or excess noise. If the sound is screaming or hoarse, you must check whether the mold is loose or broken, and take measures to adjust.

4. Rack debugging

Loosen the two fastening handles on the back of the rack and rock the mechanical head to the appropriate height according to the product.

5. Preparation product mold debugging

When the air supply is turned off, the air pressure controller adjusts the air pressure value to “zero”, and the product to be welded is placed on the bottom mold to ensure the mold clamping.

6. Product mold debugging

Pull down the whole mold vibration tube, so that the upper mold is close to the bottom mold, the rocker head lifter, so that the upper mold is pressed onto the product, and the product must be consistent with the upper and lower molds.

7. Equipment mold debugging

Add the air pressure to 0.1MPA, select the switch manually, press the two green start buttons on the front of the machine to lower the mold and press the welding product.

8. Shaking lift adjustment

Add and subtract the rocking lifter according to the product to be welded, so that the limit screw and the vibrating cylinder maintain a distance of 1MM.

9. Welding commissioning preparation

Tighten the frame fastening handle, fix the bottom mold, press the red emergency stop button to raise the machine head, select the switch to automatically, adjust the welding parameters of the product, and prepare for production.

10. Check if the ultrasonic mold is qualified

With the thin paper test, the paper can not be inserted into the four corners of the mold, indicating that the ultrasonic mold debugging was successful.

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